What should I bring with me for my stay at Genesis House?

Genesis House Addiction Treatment Center recommends that clients bring 10-14 days of varied clothing, keeping in mind Florida’s tropical climate. We have laundry machines available for all clients to wash their clothes while they are with us and the facility provides laundry detergent. We recommend clients to bring a few T-Shirts, Shorts, a pair of jeans, clothing to work out in if desired, a pair of flip-flops, and at least one pair of sneakers. We have a pool on campus and regularly go to the beach on weekends so a bathing suit is also highly recommended, as well as appropriate sunscreen and sunglasses if necessary. For women we prefer one-piece bathing suits. Clients may also bring any toiletries they wish as long as none of the products contain Alcohol (such as Listerine, Rubbing Alcohol, Hand Sanitizers, etc. ). Please also bring any contacts and related products. We provide linens, bath and pool towels.

Clients may bring CD players, appropriate DVD’s, small radios, iPods (except for any device that accesses the Internet or has a camera, such as the iPad or iPod Touch) and books to help themselves relax during down time. If clients bring their cell phones or laptops for travel, once they arrive it will be placed in our safe upon admission and then returned upon discharge. If clients need any phone numbers, they can access them with their counselors during their stay. If clients wish to bring extra money to be kept in the safe for cigarettes/extra groceries it will be handed out upon request. Please also bring the original or copy of your insurance card/prescription card. If clients are on any medications bring them with you so we can get a full assessment.

Genesis House cannot accept responsibility for personal valuables brought with you into treatment. We recommend leaving your valuables including jewelry, watches, and other sentimental items safely at your home or with trusted relatives. Genesis is unable to keep any valuables in the office and any valuables brought with our clients will be the client’s responsibility.

If You Have Any Questions About What To Bring With You Or Any Other Questions
Please Feel Free To Call Genesis House At 1-800-737-0933.