Alcohol Addiction Help Maryland

The consumption of alcohol is not dangerous per se, but it may get dangerous when occasional binge drinking turns to regular heavy alcohol use. Avoiding the pitfall is difficult because the worst side-effects are not visible right away; instead, they build in time. At Genesis House, we have developed numerous programs to address alcoholism in a more effective, definitive manner.

Very few people succeed in self-treating alcoholism, and their success is almost always temporary. The risk of relapse is extremely high without proper assistance because alcoholism is a mental disorder. Opting for alcohol addiction help in Maryland is the better decision.

Studies have shown that alcoholism affects those around the drinker just as much, if not more, and family and friends will experience the worst of them. In this context, treating one patient will result in improving many people’s lives at once. With decades of experience behind us, we’ll be able to provide you with the type of support and assistance you’ll need to recover from addiction for good fully. Here we include:

  • Clinically-assisted detoxification – The detoxification process is not necessary only because it cleanses your body of the substance and it alleviates withdrawal symptoms and the cravings. It is also important because it allows you to control your behavior better and thought process. The medication plan is the first step towards balancing your emotional and mental functioning.

  • Address the underlying factors – People who are looking for alcohol addiction help in Maryland come from different social backgrounds and are unique regarding personality, reaction to stress, mental state and so on. We're aiming to identify the factors that have pushed the patient on the path of alcohol abuse and these might include genetic inheritance, emotional trauma, poor education, physical or psychological harm, peer pressure and many others. Once highlighted, our specialists will address them through a specific methodology, combining psychology with emotional therapy and moral and educational support.

  • Spiritual enlightenment – Many people abuse alcohol because they’re no longer able to experience any joy in their daily lives. Alcoholism will only make things worse, as it will numb the drinker’s ability to feel pleasure by other means than drinking. We’re set to revive the individual’s spirit through a wide range of therapeutic activities, such as swimming, massage therapy, guided meditation and yoga sessions, barbecue, movie or lecture group meetings, or even religious healing. The Christian Track Program has helped many people find their lives’ meaning with the help of Jesus and the Christian philosophy.

  • Life guidance and education – We want more than help people beat addiction. We want them to improve their lives, become financially independent and more socially active, and enjoy the company of their loved ones. And that’s what we will achieve by resorting to personal care, educative meetings, and professional advice and assistance.

Genesis House houses many people in need of alcohol addiction help in Maryland, and all of them are here to change their lives for the better. It’s not easy to fight addiction on your own. Give us a call – we are here to help!

Alcohol Addiction Help Maryland