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Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is a very dangerous condition that can occur when an individual ceases heavy or long-term alcohol consumption. If alcohol has been consumed constantly over an extended periods the onset of withdrawal symptoms can be rapid. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms include shakiness, confusion, agitation, irritability, sweating and possibly seizures. If left untreated these symptoms can be potentially life threatening. The onset of these symptoms often cause the alcoholic to return to drinking to mitigate these feelings of sickness, leaving them right where they started. Professional help is need to guide the alcoholic through the difficult and dangerous withdrawal process and into a clean and sober life.

Genesis House provides experienced and attentive care during this difficult withdrawal period. Genesis House’s Alcohol Withdrawal Detoxification Program will help mitigate immediate withdrawal symptoms and insure no complications arise over the course of the detoxification.

Alcoholism effects millions of people in the United States everyday. Families and marriages can be torn apart by alcoholics whom need professional help. Withdrawal symptoms resulting from the cessation of alcohol consumption can be very physically dangerous. Proven detoxification and residential treatment at Genesis House can the alcoholic reclaim their lives.

Genesis House has been successfully treating the disease of Alcoholism for over 20 years and our staff Psychiatrist, Dr. Thomas Jordan, works closely with our clients insure a comfortable detoxification from the symptoms of alcohol Withdrawal. Once detoxification is complete Genesis House’s experienced clinical staff will help our clients understand the disease of addiction and guide them into a clean and sober life.

If someone you or someone you love is struggling with the disease of addiction or experiencing the dangers of alcohol withdrawal, Genesis House is here to help 24 hours a day. Make the call that could save a life before its too late: toll-free 24/7/365 1-844-903-2111