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How Does the Genesis House Program Approach Outpatient Treatment?

Genesis House is an addiction treatment center located in Lake Worth, Florida. Their treatment facility has a knowledgeable, caring and compassionate staff of professionals ready to help. There is an on-site residential facility, plus Genesis House offers an intense outpatient program.

There are inherent characteristics of prolonged drug abuse and alcoholism that necessitate an in-house, residential treatment plan. However, there are also various mitigating factors that make outpatient programs a viable option. Here is how Genesis House approaches outpatient treatment.

Outpatient Treatment Overview

Inpatient treatment is referred to as residential. The reason is that you commit yourself to live at the treatment Genesis House treatment facility for a period of time. Outpatient treatment is a more flexible program.

There are outpatient treatment strategies that employ a more casual approach to when asking for your commitment. At Genesis House, you will be expected to adhere to a series of guided requirements.

Their approach is simple but is built on the idea they want you to succeed. The key difference between their inpatient and outpatient programs is where you will live for the duration of your program. Outpatient, if deemed a viable option to ensure your success, has a few important points.

  • If your anonymity is critical, attending an outpatient program while living at your home can be helpful towards maintaining that anonymity.
  • There is also consideration given to how long you have been battling against your addiction. Frequently, those who haven’t fought to stay clean and sober for very long can make the necessary life adjustments through an outpatient program.
  • You may also have a blend of both of the aforementioned factors. Certain individuals must try to maintain their privacy while still attending to important business and family commitments in their life.

Invariably, when making the ultimate choice between an inpatient and outpatient program at Genesis House, the seriousness of the addictive behavior must be the key criteria used. You will discuss other aspects of your life, such as past addiction history, your home environment, and how strong of an outside support system you have.

You will have one critical thing going for you when you make this important final determination between inpatient and outpatient. The caring and knowledgeable staff at the Genesis House has the experience to guide you in making the right decision.

The Genesis House Outpatient Approach

Understanding the general difference between the Genesis House residential approach and the philosophy applied to an outpatient program is stage one in your recovery. Once you’ve made an informed decision to begin the outpatient treatment, you will benefit from a structured format based years of successful experience.

Genesis House believes one-on-one counseling is vital to unearthing the causes and symptoms that will be exposed as the fuel behind your addiction. This approach is built on a foundation of trust. Your privacy and personal identity are important at Genesis House.

A schedule will be coordinated that allows you to continue with important life responsibilities. Those things that were the primary reasons you chose outpatient over inpatient to begin with.

Genesis House’s approach to outpatient recovery also stresses the vital necessity for identification. Through group sessions, you will meet and interact with other addicts and alcoholics.

From these sessions, you will gradually build a foundation towards recovery through the experience and hope of other like-minded people. Frequently, these bonds developed during outpatient group sessions last a lifetime.

During the Genesis House outpatient experience, they will also provide you with an opportunity to visit outside 12-step organizations. These meetings help build on the smaller group discussion idea. Meetings and session times are open-ended enough to allow you enough flexibility to fit them into your life.

While there are an established set of outside activities for in-house residential clients, Genesis House also realizes the importance of implementing new and exciting things into your life.

Gradually, outside interests will be incorporated into your life so you have new adventures that mark your life changes in recovery. Artistic interests and recreational activities can become welcome tools towards fostering your life in recovery.

The Genesis House staff can help you manage medications, as well as making referrals for professional counseling to address issues that arise during your outpatient experience. The primary key to remember is that your journey in recovery begins at the Genesis House.

After you successfully finish the Genesis House intense outpatient treatment program, you will become a part of the Genesis House family. Living a life clean and sober will be your goal, and the Genesis House will be there for you along your new and exciting journey.

This is the Genesis House approach to outpatient addiction treatment. You’ll begin by sitting down with a trained staff member to make certain your first choice of program types has your life in mind. You will then become part of the Genesis House family that you’ll walk with as you journey along the road of recovery. Call one of our counselors at 800-737-0933.

Why Uniformed Services Personnel Should Go To A Rehab That Has A Specific Program Designed For Them

The life of a person in uniform is often one of boring routines mixed with times of abject terror. Sometimes the terrifying times stretch out longer and longer and in the back of their mind, the uniformed person is dreaming of being bored just for another day, even an another hour. Whether they are EMTs, policemen, military personnel or firefighters, the job can become such a contrast of mundane and danger that they start looking to drugs and alcohol just to start coping. When their addiction reaches a critical level and they need to seek treatment, it is better if the program is geared specifically for their needs. The rehab program that a uniformed person goes to must understand not only the addiction itself but the underlying problems that led them to start abusing in the first place. If those issues are not addressed during treatment they are not likely to be addressed at all and there will be a higher risk of relapse.

The Problems Faced by Uniformed Workers

Danger is just another part of the job for police officers, the military and firefighters. Even paramedics can be attacked on the job and many are facing the additional stress of drug overdoses. Anyone who puts on a badge or a uniform faces problems that can include:

  • Depression
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Survivor’s guilt
  • Insomnia

It all goes back to the stress of their job. They may see people they know be killed. They may run in to a burning building but fail to rescue a family, lose a coworker and then wonder why they were spared. Every day they leave their homes and family and wonder if they will come home. Every night they try to forget what they spent their day doing but the memories keep coming back.

Job Specific Treatment

The military has its own rules about addiction and treatment. The benefit is the sense of shared experience. It is hard to talk about your time in a foreign country, in an active danger situation with someone who has never had a similar experience at all. The same can be said for any of the uniformed services personnel; if there is no shared experience it is hard to get them to open up. They keep things inside. They may pretend in front of friends and family that everything is okay. They may even be doing their drinking and/or drug use in complete secrecy. Until everything starts to unravel the family may believe them.

The fear that others in your unit or department will start second-guessing everything is also another thing that must be addressed especially if the person will be returning after they complete treatment. There may be worry that recent events will be blamed on drug use. That thought probably is one that plagues the mind as well.

Returning to Duty With a Plan

During treatment, the uniformed personnel may need to address whether they will be coming back to duty, what type of duty they will be allowed to return to (if at all) and where they will be going. Because every department and the military have such varied policies it is impossible to know what is likely to happen but it is important that a plan be put into place. There will probably be required meetings and drug testing. The types of duty may be strictly limited and may be different from what the person performed before entering rehab. This may be to help lessen stress on the person especially at first but it may also be for the benefit of others that they will be working with.

It may also be important for the person to have a point of contact person that they can turn to for days when they can’t cope with their stresses or for days when they feel like they are going to relapse. This is a good time for others in the department to step up and become secondary support systems as well.

It is important that people remember that their uniform is not magic protection against stress and worry. They are still humans with fears and stress that sometimes become way too much to handle. Seeking treatment can help them get back to the person they were hoping to be when they put the uniform on in the first place.

If you are ready to seek treatment for your own addiction problem, give us a call at 800-737-0933 right away.

Two Reasons Why Lake Worth is a Great Place for Treatment

When choosing a treatment facility for drug and alcohol addiction, your priority focus should be on the quality of the facility. However, there is also nothing wrong with selecting a place with nice weather and an engaging community life. Lake Worth is located along the beautiful Atlantic Coast of Florida.

With warm temperatures and bountiful sunshine, it is a great place weather wise. In addition, it is a safe community where you can feel secure during your treatment stay. There are also some excellent treatment facilities. Here are two reasons why choosing a treatment center in Lake Worth, Florida should appeal to you.

An Environment that Cultivates Safety and Security

As you begin your journey towards a life of recovery, you need to feel safe and secure. Lake Worth is pleasant community. Working with a professional staff of therapists will be an important part of your recovery.

However, it is also critical that you feel a secure sense of belonging with the rest of the treatment community. An important aspect of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is identification.

When you can feel relaxed in your environment, and relaxed around your recovery peers, you are able to make these vital connections. A treatment center in Lake Worth will provide you with such a safe and nurturing environment where you can grow.

A New Life with New Experiences

Establishing a sense of newness in your life can help you during the early stages of recovery. That could be developing an existing appreciation for outside activities, or beginning new experiences.

There are creative techniques to help develop a closer relationship with yourself and your inner feelings. Art, music and nature are three things you can begin to explore as part of your new life of recovery.

Lake Worth offers a bounty of natural beauty, including opportunities to experience the arts. As part of your treatment community experience, you may be able to advance in your recovery to where you will be permitted to indulge yourself in these types of rewarding experiences.

These are two important highlights that Lake Worth as a community will offer you. The treatment center you pick will provide the tools you need for recovery. If you’re looking for a facility that provides a nurturing environment staffed with outstanding therapists who will guide you through a 12-step program, give us a call at 800-737-0933

Our treatment center in sunny Lake Worth has a lot more to offer than simply palm trees and wonderful weather. We’re here to set your feet on solid ground towards a life of beautiful recovery.

Is An Intensive Outpatient Program in Lake Worth Right For You?

Intensive-outpatient (IOP) programs are viable alternatives to inpatient treatment. People seek IOP as opposed to inpatient treatment for a variety of reasons (e.g. work, family, finances, et.). This level of care meets three to five times a week for three to five hours. The sessions include individualized counseling, group therapy, and addiction education.

There are a variety of factors that you should consider before determining if an IOP program in Lake Worth, Florida is right for you:


Most intensive-outpatient programs hold day and evening sessions to accommodate the schedules of prospective clients. If you work and go to school, scheduling IOP can be more difficult. Keep in mind that IOP meets three to five times a week for three hours when planning your schedule.

Progression of Your Addiction

IOP can be viable if you are in the early stages of your addiction. The earlier that you treat your addiction, the easier it will be to recover. If you are in the early stages, IOP may be intensive enough. If you are in the later stages, you may require partial-hospitalization or inpatient treatment.

Relapse Triggers

The major downfall of IOP is having to be in the outside world where relapse is possible. You will need to have the strength to resist drugs and alcohol during your early recovery and combat relapse triggers that are presented in the outside world. Most IOP programs perform drug tests on their clients before each session. However, if you relapse, you can simply not go back to IOP or be expelled from the program. If you have trouble with resistance, IOP may not be right for you.

When IOP is Most Effective

IOP is most effective following a more intensive form of treatment for ongoing support. IOP does not provide the same structure and rigor as inpatient treatment or partial-hospitalization. Recovery should be your primary focus in your early days of sobriety, and the challenges of the outside world can easily distract you.

Genesis House is a Joint Commission Accredited rehab in Lake Worth, Florida. They offer detox, residential treatment, Christian rehab, specialized rehab for uniform officers, family programs, programs in Spanish, and dual-diagnosis. They have over 25 years of experience in helping people start the beginning of their journey in recovery. They accept most major health insurance plans.

If you are interested in Genesis House to begin your journey in recovery, call them today at 800-737-0933

Myths About Rehab Centers in South Florida

The beautiful weather, sprawling economy, and decades of experience have contributed to Florida treatment centers being the go-to destination for recovery in the United States. Though the facilities there are highly-reputable and all walks of life go to them, many myths have started being formulated about them. Popular culture, the media, and the general population have contributed to these myths being circulated. 

Common myths about rehab centers in South Florida include:

They are a Providence of the Rich and Fully-Insured

While wealthy and fully-insured people may have an easier time paying for a treatment stay, anyone can attend if they seek the proper assistance. Almost all health insurance plans cover at least a percentage of addiction treatment. Rehab centers do not always expect payments in full; they offer payment plans. Treatment centers and recovery organizations also sometimes offer treatment scholarships.

The Spa Treatments and Activities Do Not Necessarily Relate to Recovering from Addiction

Many people do not understand the intention of the spa treatments and recreational activities (e.g. horses, nature exploration, art, etc.) that are offered by South Florida rehabs. Every amenity that is offered by a facility is for therapeutic purposes. Effective addiction treatment is much more about talk therapy and meetings. Spa treatment and recreational activities treat addiction holistically by addressing the physiological, psychosocial, and spiritual maladies of addiction.

Thirty Days is Sufficient

Thirty days of treatment is only the minimum. Research has shown that 90 or more days of treatment produces the highest success rates. Most health insurance plans only cover 30 days because that is the length of time to completely detoxify the body. Arrangements can be made to pay for more time in treatment.

Start the Genesis of Your Recovery in Florida

Genesis House is located in Lake Worth, Florida. We are a Joint Commission Accredited Facility, which means that we meet the highest standards in safety and client care. Residential treatment, detox, Christian Rehab, specialized rehab for uniformed officers, programs in Spanish, family programs, and dual diagnosis services are offered. We have over 25 years in helping individuals start their genesis in recovery. Most major insurance plans are accepted.

If you are interested in Genesis House, call us today at 800-737-0933

Can An Alcohol Treatment Center Help Me Stage an Intervention?

Addiction interventions have gained notoriety through television shows and popular culture. The intention of hosting an intervention is to not only convince the addict to go to treatment, it is to help the family recover and make changes that will promote the addict to recover. Interventions are often used when all other tactics to get the addict into treatment have failed. However, intervention can be used at any point in the progression of the disease, even at the early stages to prevent the disease from progressing to the point that it is even more difficult to treat.

You should never put together an intervention on your own. You should hire a certified interventionist to plan and oversee the intervention because they are trained in the areas of addiction, co-dependency, and handling situations that may arise during the intervention. You can find a professional interventionist through consulting addiction treatment centers.

The Different Models of Interventions

Your interventionist will work with you in determining the right model of intervention to use. Some interventionists may only use one type of intervention. The right model of intervention is variable per individual case; therefore, you should find an interventionist that is open to and is well-trained in executing all models of intervention.
The most common models of interventions that are used are:

The Johnson Model

The Johnson Model is based on the surprise element and confrontation. The family comes together to formulate consequences for the addict if he or she refuses to go to treatment. The addict is unaware that the intervention will take place in order to be pulled out of denial and be forced to confront the damage their addiction has caused.

The Invitational Model

The Invitational Model does not include any surprise elements or confrontation. One family member invited the addict to the intervention and fully discloses what will happen at the intervention. The addict can choose to come or not. Even if the addict does not come, the intervention will still go on. The theory is as long as the co-dependent structure is collapsed, the addict will seek help at some point.

Field Model

The Field Model is a combination of the Johnson Model and Invitational Model. It adapts per the situation. The interventionist makes decisions of which aspects from each model to use as the situation plays out.

Genesis House is located in Lake Worth, Florida. We understand the importance of family involvement in recovery. Our staff consists of addiction professionals who are trained to do interventions.

If you are interested in Genesis House to help you arrange an intervention, call us today at 800-737-0933

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Why a Drug Rehab in South Florida With Over 25 Years of Experience Is Better Than One That Has Only Been Open For a Few Years

South Florida is renowned for having excellent drug rehabs. However, new drug rehabs are popping up all the time due to the nationwide addiction epidemic making the addiction treatment industry a profitable business. Though there are many factors that you should consider when choosing a drug rehab in South Florida, one factor that should not be taken lightly is how many years of experiences that the rehab possesses.

There are several reasons you should choose a rehab that has 25 years of experience is better than one that has only been around for a few years:

Avoidance of Scams

An unfortunate trend is many fraudulent rehabs are opening in Florida for the sole purpose of profiting from people’s insurance plans and luring recovering addicts into sex trafficking. Some of these “rehabs” pay people to relapse so they can bill their insurance more money every time. Reputable rehabs that have been established for decades will most likely not be scams. However, you should always do you thorough research and listen to your intuition when considering a rehab.

Joint Commission National Quality Approved

The Joint Commission National Quality Approval is a seal that is given to organizations that meet the highest level of national standards in safety and client care. A rehab being awarded this seal is proof that it meets excellent standards.

Experienced Staff

A rehab that has been around for decades most likely has some of its original staff, who thus has decades of experience in treating addiction using the Florida Model and supervises and mentors the newer staff. Being cared for or having your care overseen by people who have decades of experience means you will be treated with evidence-based therapy methods.

Start the Genesis of Your Recovery in Florida

Genesis House is located in Lake Worth, Florida. We have earned the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval due to our over 25 years of excellence in treating addiction and co-occurring disorders. Our programs include detox, residential treatment, family program, Christian program, uniform services designated program, Spanish-speaking designated program, and dual diagnosis treatment. We use a variety of methods to take a holistic approach to addiction treatment. Most major insurance plans are accepted, making your road to recovery affordable.

If you are interested in Genesis House to start your beginnings on the road to recovery or have general questions about addiction and recovery, call us today at 800-737-0933

Overcoming Excuses My Son/Daughter Is Giving Me For Not Wanting To Go To Rehab

As a parent, you are naturally inclined to get your child make healthy decisions for themselves. If your child is suffering from addiction, your natural response is to offer them rehab. Unfortunately, addiction is a much more complex disease than cancer and heart disease. One of the reasons is the sufferers are not naturally inclined to seek help upon diagnosis because seeking help is like putting iodine on a fresh wound. Furthermore, the myths about rehab among active addicts delay many addicted individuals from seeking the help that they need.
There are several issues that you can discuss with your child to overcome their excuses for not wanting to go to rehab:

• Addiction rehabs are residential environments that are often located on beautiful grounds, not hospital-like or prison-like environments.
• A day in rehab does not just consist of monotone talk therapy and meetings; they will be able to participate in a variety of fun activities (e.g. art, nature exploration, swimming, going to movie nights, etc.) to heal and learn how to have fun while sober.
• Explain to your child that the friends that he or she uses drugs and alcohol with are not really his or her friends; they are only his or her friends because they share the same illness.
• Give them an ultimatum to raise the bottom. If your child does not accept your offer to go to rehab, he or she is not allowed in your home or life until they accept your offer to go to rehab.

Also make it clear that you will not be giving them any financial help.

A Safe, Nurturing Environment Where Your Child Can Begin Healing

Genesis House is located in Lake Worth, Florida by the ocean. With over 25 years of experience, we offer detox, residential treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, family support, and specialized treatment services. Our approach to treating addiction is holistic and individualized to each unique case. Our superiority in safety and quality care has earned us the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval. Recreational activities (e.g. yoga, beach trips, sports, fitness, and massage therapy) play a major role in our treatment regimen. Cost is not a major concern because we accept most major insurance plans.

Genesis House will debunk all of the myths your child may believe about rehab the second he or she arrives. If you are interested in Genesis House to start your journey to recovery, call us today at 800-737-0933

Are Visitors Allowed To Come See You During Your Stay At a Treatment Center in Florida?

Going to a treatment center in Florida can be scary. You will be in an unfamiliar place with people that you do not know. You may think that having visitors will make your stay in treatment easier. However, most treatment centers will not allow you to have visitors on a regular basis. The only exception is on designated days for immediately family to come for family workshops and therapy sessions.

There are several reasons why most Florida treatment centers do not allow visitors:

• Allow you to find yourself separate from your family and friends.
• Help you avoid relapse triggers.
• Prevent you from becoming preoccupied with the drama of your family and friends.
• Allow your family and friends to heal separately from you.

How Separation Helps Recovery

Addiction is a family disease because it affects the loved ones of the addict just as much- if not more- than the active user. While you may think that healing together is effective for recovery, the contrary is actually more effective for recovery. Loved ones of addicts often end up falling into the trap of co-dependency, which means that they become just as preoccupied with the addict as the addict is preoccupied with using their substance of choice. Co-dependent relationships are often so enmeshed to the point that one person in the relationship cannot function normally without the other. While the active user is in treatment working on their substance abuse problem, their loved ones need to get involved in programs to become educated about the disease of addiction and recover from co-dependency.

Genesis House is an inpatient treatment center that is located in Lake Worth, Florida. We understand that family involvement is a part of taking a holistic approach to addiction treatment. In addition to our programs to treat substance abuse, we have a family program that is devoted to helping the family members of the clients heal from the devastating effects of active addiction and create a new life in recovery. The family members who are participating in the program will be allowed to see their addicted loved ones every Sunday from 10 AM-2PM. In addition, they may be able to keep in contact with their loved one through weekly phone conferences and emails under the supervision of a primary therapist.

If you or your loved one is interested in Genesis House or have general questions about addiction and recovery, call us today at 800-737-0933