Karens Kula

Karen’s Kula May 2019

Hello Alumni and Yogis,
April has come and gone. The month of New Beginnings. April was Inspiring Spring into FULL bloom. Life is filled with new beginnings and abundant opportunities! 
May is here the month of Transformation! Encouraging us to be open enough to begin to step out of our comfort zone and into this new, vibrant, colorful world with infinite possibilities. Take a deep breath in, let it go….. Pause, look around, notice all the little shifts that happen each and every day. Be Amazed!!! When fear and doubt creep in, as they always do – Take a deep breath in, let it go…. Pause, look around, notice and remind yourself – I can do it! I trust that things happen for a reason! I am supported! I am important! Move forward and watch how life shifts from fear and anxiety, to ease and curiosity! We practice – a body at ease can not have disease! All these reminders. All these messages are teaching you to LOVE YOURSELF – one breath, one day at a time, over and over and over again!
Love Yourself – Journey To The Heart by Melody Beattie
No matter what, love yourself.
Love yourself, even if it feels like the world around you is irked with you, even if it feels like those you’ve counted on most have gone away, even if you wonder if God has abandoned you.
When it feels like the journey has stopped, the magic is gone, and you’ve been left sitting on the curb, love yourself. When you’re confused and angry about how things are going or how they’ve gone, love yourself. No matter what happens or where you are, love yourself. No matter if you aren’t certain where you’re going or if there’s anyplace left to go, love yourself.
This situation will change, this time will pass, and the magic will return.
So will joy and faith. You will feel connected again – to yourself, God,
the universe and life. But the first thing to do is love yourself. And all
the good you want will follow <3
I love you all! I would like to send out a Great Big, Beautiful, Deep Breath and HUG to all the alumni who are celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend!!!! To all the alumni’s MOMS near and far. And extra SPECIAL love to those Moms in Heaven looking down on you. Who are wrapping you up in their love each and every day! XOXOXOXOXO Namaste’ the light in me honors and sees the light in each and every one of you!
Love, Karen
Genesis House Yoga Instructor

Karen’s Kula March 2019

March – WOW the third month of the year already! The third theme to add to our daily practice….. The Luck of the Irish – Blind Faith – believing that The Seeds of our Desires that we planted in January, The kindness and Love we practiced in February are helping those precious seeds sprout out of their shells, encouraging them to grow and blossom into beautiful flowers! Not always easy because as humans we want to see with our eyes. We want proof. But we are learning to believe in something BIGGER! Something we can not see. Something we feel. I know many of you are not in Sunny Florida and there is a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. Under that snow there are bulbs that were planted long ago and the Sun continue to shine down and melt the snow, warm the frozen earth and with each day those bulbs will reach for the light! They will slowly stretch and grow until they peak through to feel the amazing sun, and then they will continue their journey 🙂 
Our yoga practice is helping us do the same! We have created a hard outer layer! A thick Armour! We thought it was Protection from life’s challenges, obstacles and traumas. BUT it actually is keeping us away from the beautiful, amazing life we have been praying for. Soooooo, we practice on the mat so when we step off the mat we learn to trust again. To feel our bodies again. To move mindfully through our poses and our life, conscious and aware of our feet and how we choose to move them. Modifying when needed. Resting when needed. Aware now that we learned so much from the past, that we have changed, and we pause, breathe, notice, feel…… then decide what we need in this very moment! Then we go on with our day, and then we pause, breathe, notice, feel….. then decide what we need in this very moment! And so on and so on and so on. Yoga begins now! It is a practice! We are never done! As long as there is breath in our lungs we keep on keeping on XOXOXO I love you!!!!
I believe in you!!!! Sending so much love and support to each of you today, tomorrow and always!
PS: I received the email I have copied below today 🙂 a little proof, the Universe winking at me that I am right where I need to be 🙂 life is amazing when you allow it to be….
Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. Feed it faith. Feed it truth. Feed it love!
“Dearest Karen,
I am the glowing sun under layers and layers of that which is not me. Getting to know the real ME is like peeling the layers of an onion. No sooner do you shed one whole layer that another layer is revealed.
Don’t be discouraged by this, my love! There’s no rush to peeling back all these layers. Remember, it’s the journey, not the destination that matters.
After all, if all those layers just fell off in one fell swoop, you might be flooded with an almost intolerable nuclear blast of all my radiant light!
Cherish the journey, letting those layers slowly peel away to reveal more and more of the fire within. Appreciate each layer as it sheds away, bringing you one step closer to freedom. Don’t rush! There’s no hurry, love.
Just feel the glow of me within and nourish yourself with what is already right here, inside your own heart.
With loads of love (and a few delicious onion rings),
Your Inner Pilot Light”

Karen’s Kula February 2019

Hi Everyone,
As many of you know Genesis offers a Monthly Alumni gathering and I had the awesome pleasure of attending Saturday January 26th’s event! I absolutely loved, loved, loved every minute! Seeing familiar faces, meeting new friends and Yes the blessing of meeting one of our alumni’s parents! This is exactly what I believe deep in my heart will make a difference – staying connected! Lifting up one another, sharing what is working and what is challenging. NOT feeling alone. For a few of our present clients that attended this event, it gave them the opportunity to sit in a familiar, comfy, safe, welcoming circle and hear how life is for alumni one week after leaving Genesis, almost 2 years after leaving Genesis and others with many more years of successful sobriety. Our circle of chairs were filled, our hearts were over flowing and I know it will grow and grow and grow. Thank you, Skyler for all your effort, love and support to create such a wonderful event – hope to see more of you next month!!!!!!
January …… a recap for those of you who have been practicing Planting the Seeds of our Desires this month – 
New Years Day we kicked off our first practice of the year and month with Be at Ease, Be Gentle, Breathe in Ease and let it go. Plant seeds and let them go, love and nourish yourself, and they will grow! When we release things that no longer are working we learn that Letting Go is teaching me that I’m not loosing but receiving. I’m gaining knowledge, resilience and room in my heart for something greater!
Next we added Curiosity – What does today hold for me? No matter what shows up today off my mat, in my life…. How will I respond to it? 
We sprinkled in the idea of Awakening – as we plant the seeds of our desires we become more curious about what we want now, how we show up each day, and then we awaken from the pain and the illusion that we were broken, to the understanding that we were cracked open so our light can come thru. Here I am! All of me! All my yesterdays – completely Me!!!! We are forever growing, learning, changing with each breath and every life experience!!!!!!
As we awaken we realize Kindness Matters! “There is no way to give kindness to another without knowing it in ourselves (especially on our tough days when we are feeling the most hurt or irritated): Is this the kindest thought I could have? Is this the kindest thing I could say? Is this the kindest action I could take in this situation? To achieve a kinder world, we must approach kindness with ambition and dedication. We must practice it in every moment of our lives. Kindness is that important.” Heart Talk by Cleo Wade
Practice – Yoga is a practice. Being Me is a practice. I will end this months recap with a prayer I read in class 
“Honoring Practice
Thank you for this day of ritual devotion.
Guide me to the mat, the trail, the teapot, the canvas and the confrontation table today, so that I may test my flexibility and stay true to my form all the way to my edge. Be my mirror, my educator in matters of discipline and rhythm. Open the shelter of my mind to constructive, caring feedback.
Let all that comes to me be my teachers. Move my form and feelings with dedicated habit. Help me to rehearse for growing stronger and more resilient. Stand me up like a mountain: spread my arms wide, expanding and clearing the valves of my heart to help me to move from it. Point my fingers skyward and widen my stance. Wrap enormous wings around my legs to strengthen my rooted position.
Train me for the battle which takes place within me in the form of fear and resistance. Help me to create spaciousness inside of my container to make steady progress with my breath, my invocations, and the attitudes that initiate my day. Lead air into my lungs which comforts the grief held there. Enhance my supportive routines with the golden light of your encouragement which shines through repetition. Let my body be a living ceremony.
Bring me back to presence when I wander. Help me to refocus without shame when I lose my way. Make me brave to notice where my balance falters and I compromise my integrity. Rededicate me when I discover what I’m holding and protecting. Get me back on conscious feet when I fall.  Let my wingspan be the bridge between my spirit and my body. Ignite the fire of my willingness during times of challenge and overcoming obstacles.
Put in front of me those who will help me persevere in my attempts to effectively resolve inner and outer conflict. Remind me of my tools for perceiving what prevents my flow. Help me be attentive to my part of maintaining the quality of relationship I am called to cultivate. Help me pussle together my healing form with the help of Earth’s electricity moving upward through the soles of my feet.
Let me know I am not alone, and that I never need to do it perfectly.”
-Prayers of Honoring Voice by Pixie Lighthorse
Genesis House Yoga Instructor
-Karen Vanneck