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Do Florida Drug Rehabs Let You Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery Outside?

Florida is known for being a great place to spend time outside. The weather is always warm; beaches are in proximity to everyone; and many fun outdoor activities are available on a year-round basis. While you are in Florida for rehab, you will not be confined to the rooms of the facility. In fact, the entire Florida model of treatment was founded on the concept of allowing the clients to enjoy plenty of time outside.

The outdoor activities that Florida drug rehabs will have you engage in are:


Yoga has many healing properties for the mind, body, and spirit. You will gain flexibility, balance, and coordination from yoga. Meditation will allow you to relax, get in touch with who you are, and become more calm and objective.


Many Florida rehabs will have on-site sports arenas (e.g. basketball courts, tennis courts, and soccer fields). You may also be taken offsite to parks and recreation centers to engage in athletic activities.

Beach Days

If the beach is your happy place, you are in luck. Many Florida rehabs are located on the beach or close to the beach; therefore, you can spend time walking, relaxing, and doing various activities on the beach (e.g. fishing, snorkeling, journaling, yoga, etc.).

Why a Florida Rehab is Worth it

You may be wondering, “What does yoga, sports, and beach days have to do with getting off drugs and alcohol?”. While talk therapy and meetings address a significant part of addiction, they do not address all part of it. Your mind, body, and spirit also need to be nurtured in other ways.

The addicted mind is hooked on dopamine, a neurotransmitter. The absence of alcohol and drugs means you will need to get a dopamine response elsewhere; therefore, you will need to engage in positive activities that are fun. The addicted body has been a victim of wear and tear. Yoga, meditation, exercise, and relaxation will accelerate the healing. The outdoor environment is healing to the spirit because nature helps people connected with something greater than themselves. Florida rehabs take what is called the “holistic approach,” which means they address all facets of the disease and person. If you want to break free from your addiction and soak up some sun, call a Florida rehab at 800-737-0933 or visit one of their websites today.

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