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I Really Don’t Think I Can Leave My Kids While I Go Away To Rehab

Addiction does not discriminate. Even the best parents can become afflicted with the disease of addiction. The fact that you are worried about your children shows that you are an effective, loving parent who is willing to take a step in the right direction. However, childcare arrangements may be deterring your from going away to rehab. Though you are already a good parent, you need to be sober and healthy to be the best parent that you can be in the long run. Fortunately, there are many options that allow you to have your children taken care of while you are recovering from your addiction in rehab.
There are several rehabilitation options that can work for you as a parent:

• Partial-hospitalization outpatient programs
Intensive-outpatient programs
• Rehabs that have daytime childcare services
• Rehabs that have a family program

Why Going to Rehab is Best for Your Children

Addiction is a family disease. If you are suffering from addiction, your children will definitely be affected by the disease, especially if you are actively involved in their lives to some extent. Children of addicted parents often grow up with a variety of psychological issues (e.g. cognitive distortions, difficulty maintaining healthy relationships, low self-worth, anxiety, abandonment issues, etc.). Going to rehab will be a gift to yourself because you will be free from your addictive substances and able to be mentally and physically healthy, but it will also be a gift to your children because they will have a wholesome, healthy parent. You may feel guilty that the love for your children is not enough to keep you sober, but addiction is a disease. Loving your children would not cure you from cancer, so loving your children cannot cure you from addiction. You may feel guilty about being absent from your children’s lives during the time that you are in rehab, but those 30 to 90 days are worth the lifetime of happiness.

Genesis House is located in Lake Worth, Florida. They understand that family healing and involvement is essential to holistic addiction treatment. Their family program encourages family members, including children, to take an active role in the recovery of their addicted loved one. Family members of the clients are permitted to visit and keep in touch via phone and email under the supervision of a primary therapist.

If you are interested in Genesis House to begin a new life for yourself and your children, call them today at 800-737-0933

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