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Imagine This

When I got clean and sober I went to treatment for over two months and one of the best exercises that helped me, was doing a vision board. My therapist Rob, brought me in some poster paper, scissors, glue and a magazine and told me to get to work. 
I can remember at the time being so excited to envision my future because prior to that the only future I saw was a casket with my name on it.
This simple project started to give me hope. 
Rob and Natasha believed in me so much, why didn’t I? The assignment was having me depict what love looks like on the posters. He wanted to help me start believing I was lovable. I then hung these posters by my bed and the visions slowly became realities. 
It may sound silly but buy the supplies and try it! You can cut out pictures and words of the future you would like to envision for yourself.  It is similar to the law of attraction and placing positive thoughts in our mind. To this very day, I still make vision boards from time to time and I find them helpful.  I will forever thank my therapist, he truly believed in me until I believed in myself. The exercise helped me see hope for the future.
It can inspire you too!
Thanks Rob!
Skyler N