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Why Is It a Good Idea to Do Your Drug Rehab Program in Florida?

After weeks/months/years of drug abuse, the notion you might be ready to stop using and get help is encouraging. It takes a lot of strength and courage for someone to admit they have an addiction. It takes even more courage to ask for help.

It’s true that the very first step towards recovery is admitting one has no control over their addiction. It opens the door to everything that needs to happen before the addict is able to start living life without the need to self-medicate. The fact someone would take this important step mandates that the individual find the right place to get treatment.

It’s understandable that the first instinct will be to consider a rehab in the local area. For a lot of people and in some circumstances, that’s probably the right decision. However, there are potential issues one might encounter by settling on getting treatment so close to home. If someone where to take the approach they are only going to get one shot at recovery, they might want to put more effort into finding the right place for their addiction treatment.

In all cases, it’s important for the addict to look for the best possible solution. If money is a big issue, staying close to home might be the only viable choice. Putting money aside, there’s real value derived from keeping an open mind about the possibility of temporarily relocating for treatment.

If someone really wanted the best care possible regardless of cost or inconvenience, Florida is a wonderful destination for addiction treatment. The fact is the state of Florida has a worldwide reputation as the “rehab capital of the world.” It earned this reputation because of the concentration of top rehabs and addiction treatment specialists operating throughout the state. The following information details the reasons why a rehab in Florida might be the best choice.

Why Addiction Treatment in Florida is a Good Idea

If you are going to invest the time, effort and money to temporarily relocate to get treatment for your addiction, you should do so for the right reasons. This is your best shot at creating a recovery that will stand the test of time. The success rate of most Florida rehabs should be reason enough to make this a viable solution. However, that’s just one of several reason why a Florida rehab makes sense. Some of the other reasons include:

  • Removing possible interference from outside sources
  • Obtaining a high level of specialized care
  • Getting access to luxury amenities for comfort

Here’s a closer look at these reasons and why they make a Florida rehab stand out above the other options,

Removing Possible Interference From Outside Sources

It’s important to recognize that your home area is where your addiction started and thrived. This is where you became part of the drug culture. It’s here that your drug dealers, enablers and fellow drug users all come together in a central location. This is the place and these are the people that can interfere with your treatment and recovery. Florida is a great place to go to get away from these triggers and temptations so you can truly focus on your treatment process.

Obtaining a High Level of Specialized Treatment

One of the great benefits of going to Florida is getting access to the industry’s best counselors and clinicians. These people are innovators in their field. They know how to assess a person’s addiction circumstances and develop a modern treatment program that addresses each patient’s specific needs. It’s a much higher level of care than that which you would likely get from your local rehab.

Getting Access to Luxury Amenities for Comfort

When patients can get treatment in an environment that feels homey, they are usually better able to relax and focus on the task at hand. Because of the great year-round weather conditions and facility locations around beaches, lakes and entertainment areas, many of Florida’s top rehabs can offer really nice recreational amenities that break up the intensity of therapy. Having access to recreational activities allows patients to build new relationships and form interests in new activities.

You owe it to yourself to get the best care you can. If you are willing to remove yourself from harm’s way and get treatment a safe distance from home, Florida stands as the top destination to get the best care possible. For more information, we encourage you to call us at 800-737-0933 about our addiction treatment services.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking While in a Drug Rehab Program

To quit smoking is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself. You have the power within you to make this choice. This can be a hard thing to do when you are in a drug rehab program. Maybe smoking is what helps you deal with the stress of trying to get help with another addiction. You can tackle both addictions at the same time.

Why are you in a drug rehab program? Because you want to get help with addiction, right? Smoking can have severe consequences over time. You don’t have to do this alone. You can get help with the program. You can also seek family and friends for support to help you through on harder days.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Quitting anything that has become a habit comes with stress. Smoking might be your crutch to help handle the stress. Let’s think about some positive benefits of quitting smoking at the same time you are recovering from another addiction.
• By quitting smoking you can focus on healthier ideas to manage the stress. Smoking can make you feel less motivated. When you quit you can feel healthier and more alert and motivated. Quitting smoking alone can help with the way you feel physically.
• You’re in a drug rehab program to get help with changing your life for the better. You don’t like some choices you make. You don’t like the way those choices make you feel. Quitting smoking while getting help can help you in getting that fresh start that you started the program for.
• Think about your family and friends. Maybe some of them smoke. Maybe none of them smoke. Whether they smoke or not you still love them and want to have them around for a long time. Smoking can cause serious health problems. By quitting smoking you can prevent some of those health problems and be with your family and friends longer.

Smoking is a crutch that will eventually give out on you by giving you more health problems. You’re on your path to creating a fresh start. The life you want is on the other side of the stress and hard days you are going through now. One addiction is not the way to help quit another. Think positive. Find your motivation. Visualize your new life. You will get there.

We can help you. Give us a call 800-737-0933 and start creating your new life today.

4 Ways to Help you Stay Sober After Completing a Program at a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

Life is drastically different as you transition from living in a substance abuse treatment facility back to your daily life on the “outside.” It’s a challenge to learn to live an entirely different lifestyle free from drugs or alcohol. Participating in and completing a treatment program is a step towards sobriety and recovery, but you must implement changes after to stay sober. Here are four steps you can take to help maintain your sobriety once you go back out to the real world.

Ways to help stay sober after substance abuse treatment

Strong support system

A healthy support system is an absolute necessity for maintaining your sobriety. Surround yourself with family members and friends and join a support group to help you connect with others going through the same thing without judgment. A 12-step program can also aid in helping you identify your triggers, concerns, and issues that contribute to substance abuse. It might also be necessary to distance yourself from old friends who engage in activities that are detrimental to staying sober.

After-care program

Family and friends can try, but many times they’re not able to understand exactly what you’re struggling with. An aftercare program can aid in helping you stay accountable and give you a schedule to follow to gain some normalcy. Other members of the group can provide peer support and help with juggling work, school, emotions, relationships, and other daily responsibilities.

Seek therapy

A professional therapist with experience in treating addiction can be a valuable asset to your treatment once you complete a program at a substance abuse treatment facility. A therapist can help you work through past trauma, personal issues, relationship concerns, and communication struggles you’re dealing with. The underlying issues can contribute to relapse and hinder recovery.

Set and work towards goals

Goals give you something to strive for. Identify what’s important to you in life and work on putting effort into it. Participate in more family activities, work towards a promotion at work, or pick up and master a new hobby. The goal is to stay busy and put your energy into improving the present and future.

No one said recovery is an easy road. There is bound to be bumps and struggles along the way, but with dedication and the right tools, you can stay substance-free long-term. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, we can help. Call us now at 800-737-0933 to get started.