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Will Rehab Centers Have Support Resources for Families of Drug Addicts?

Seeking help is incredibly difficult for those who are struggling with addiction. The first step is always the hardest. That's because no one wants to admit that they have a problem and are spiraling out of control. If you're struggling with addiction, however, the most important thing you can do is accept that you're not okay and that you need outside help.

Family, friends, and loved ones are great resources to lean on while you begin your journey to recovery. Remember that this isn't just something that's hard on you, it's hard on them as well. They want what is best for you and they want to see you succeed. That's why it's important to choose rehab centers that also have support resources for families of drug addicts.

Family Participation is Crucial to Recovery

Sure an addict can recover on their own but it's much easier with the support of the family. A family is those individuals who will stick with you through thick and thin. No matter what wrongs you've done your family, they ultimately still want to support you. Sometimes, it takes building that trust back up. If you've lied, stolen, or harmed your family in any way then it may take a little longer for them to forgive.

A family is crucial though because they're those people who have open arms and open ears. Many rehab facilities will give families the resources needed to mend broken relationships. A family needs to understand that it's not the person who did all these terrible things, it's the drug that took hold of their life. By eliminating the drug, an addict can get on the path to recovery and the path to building a healthy relationship.

Drug Addiction Affects the Whole Family

When an addict uses a drug, they're not just harming themselves. They're harming every single relationship that they have. Drugs turn a person into someone unrecognizable. It can make an addict moody, emotional, angry, destructive, and many other things. If this happens to you, relationships will be strained and the following things may happen:

  • Family may kick you out
  • Significant others may leave you
  • Children could be taken from your custody

Not all hope is lost. Rehab centers will help an addict learn how to mend those broken relationships. They will show them that with recovery, family members can come back around. It's not just difficult for the addict, it's difficult for the family to come to terms with what has happened as well. Both need to work together to truly help an addict heal and recover.

Resources Readily Available to Help Family Members

When a family member first learns that someone they love is dealing with addiction, they can become lost and overwhelmed. That's because it's a very scary thing to come to terms with. When an addict decides they want to get clean, they need their family for support. It will be rough but the family is the ones who will be able to push them through the darkest of days.

If an addict is attending an outpatient rehab facility, then family support is especially important. Family members will need to be involved in the following ways:

  • Offering rides to rehab
  • Giving moral support
  • Reminding a recovering addict of their worth
  • Setting ground rules regarding drug use

In an inpatient rehab facility, family members are sometimes allowed to visit. Their continued support may be what the addict needs to stay on the path to recovery. The family will also learn what signs of drug use to look out for, how to help, and when to intervene.

Fighting drug addiction is a hard battle for one person to face alone. That's why the support of the family is so important. They show the addict that they're not fighting alone. It also shows the addict that what they're fighting for is beyond them and that they have people cheering for them. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. You don't have to fight alone. If you are ready to get started, Call us today at 800-737-0933.

Rebuilding Trust With Your Family After Attending Alcohol Rehab in Florida

The saddest part about addiction is that it makes your family’s love seem conditional. Addiction is a family disease because the entire family is affected physically, psychologically, financially, etc. Though you may have been the only active user, your entire family became sick with fear and resentment. Attending alcohol rehab is a major step in the right direction, but it is only the beginning. Recovery is a process for both your and your family. While you are navigating the world as a newly-sober person, your family is learning how to deal with you as a newly-sober person. Rebuilding trust with your family is a part of your and your family’s recovery.

Some of the ways that you can rebuild trust with your family after attending alcohol rehab in Florida are:

Follow Through On Your Recovery Plan

The best way to rebuild trust is to stay true to your word from here on out. If you tell your family that you will attend meetings, outpatient treatment, get a job, etc., follow through on it. Be honest about your actions, motives, and whereabouts. Going forward with honesty is the best policy when rebuilding trust.

Promote Communication

Communication is the key to any relationship, and it is especially vital during early recovery. Encourage an open line of communication by sharing your thoughts and feelings. Keep your sharing in the “I.” Allow your family to share their thoughts feelings and finishing saying what they want to say before responding. Keep in mind that just as you are entitled to your feelings, they are entitled to their feelings.

Live a Healthy, Productive Lifestyle

Recovery is not just about abstaining from using; it is about creating a whole new life for yourself. You need to live a healthy, productive lifestyle for yourself. Working your program, exercising, meditating, getting a job, enrolling in school, etc. are common changes that people make in recovery. Your family will witness these positive changes, and they will eventually build trust.

Recovering From Addiction as a Family

Just as addiction tore your life apart, it tore your family’s life apart. Just as it will take you a while to recovery, it will take a while for your family to recover. Patience is the key to recovering from addiction as a family. Your family will need to be patient with your progress, and you will need to be patient with your family’s progress in trusting you. Recovery is a process, not an event. Family meetings are designed to mend the relationships that were broken by addiction. Family meetings work by allowing you and your family to collaborate with other newly-recovering families on rebuilding the family system on the foundation of recovery.

Genesis House is located in Lake Worth, Florida. We are a highly-experienced facility that has a family program to help the entire family recovery. Call us today at 800-737-0933