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How Does the Genesis House Program Approach Outpatient Treatment?

Genesis House is an addiction treatment center located in Lake Worth, Florida. Their treatment facility has a knowledgeable, caring and compassionate staff of professionals ready to help. There is an on-site residential facility, plus Genesis House offers an intense outpatient program.

There are inherent characteristics of prolonged drug abuse and alcoholism that necessitate an in-house, residential treatment plan. However, there are also various mitigating factors that make outpatient programs a viable option. Here is how Genesis House approaches outpatient treatment.

Outpatient Treatment Overview

Inpatient treatment is referred to as residential. The reason is that you commit yourself to live at the treatment Genesis House treatment facility for a period of time. Outpatient treatment is a more flexible program.

There are outpatient treatment strategies that employ a more casual approach to when asking for your commitment. At Genesis House, you will be expected to adhere to a series of guided requirements.

Their approach is simple but is built on the idea they want you to succeed. The key difference between their inpatient and outpatient programs is where you will live for the duration of your program. Outpatient, if deemed a viable option to ensure your success, has a few important points.

  • If your anonymity is critical, attending an outpatient program while living at your home can be helpful towards maintaining that anonymity.
  • There is also consideration given to how long you have been battling against your addiction. Frequently, those who haven’t fought to stay clean and sober for very long can make the necessary life adjustments through an outpatient program.
  • You may also have a blend of both of the aforementioned factors. Certain individuals must try to maintain their privacy while still attending to important business and family commitments in their life.

Invariably, when making the ultimate choice between an inpatient and outpatient program at Genesis House, the seriousness of the addictive behavior must be the key criteria used. You will discuss other aspects of your life, such as past addiction history, your home environment, and how strong of an outside support system you have.

You will have one critical thing going for you when you make this important final determination between inpatient and outpatient. The caring and knowledgeable staff at the Genesis House has the experience to guide you in making the right decision.

The Genesis House Outpatient Approach

Understanding the general difference between the Genesis House residential approach and the philosophy applied to an outpatient program is stage one in your recovery. Once you’ve made an informed decision to begin the outpatient treatment, you will benefit from a structured format based years of successful experience.

Genesis House believes one-on-one counseling is vital to unearthing the causes and symptoms that will be exposed as the fuel behind your addiction. This approach is built on a foundation of trust. Your privacy and personal identity are important at Genesis House.

A schedule will be coordinated that allows you to continue with important life responsibilities. Those things that were the primary reasons you chose outpatient over inpatient to begin with.

Genesis House’s approach to outpatient recovery also stresses the vital necessity for identification. Through group sessions, you will meet and interact with other addicts and alcoholics.

From these sessions, you will gradually build a foundation towards recovery through the experience and hope of other like-minded people. Frequently, these bonds developed during outpatient group sessions last a lifetime.

During the Genesis House outpatient experience, they will also provide you with an opportunity to visit outside 12-step organizations. These meetings help build on the smaller group discussion idea. Meetings and session times are open-ended enough to allow you enough flexibility to fit them into your life.

While there are an established set of outside activities for in-house residential clients, Genesis House also realizes the importance of implementing new and exciting things into your life.

Gradually, outside interests will be incorporated into your life so you have new adventures that mark your life changes in recovery. Artistic interests and recreational activities can become welcome tools towards fostering your life in recovery.

The Genesis House staff can help you manage medications, as well as making referrals for professional counseling to address issues that arise during your outpatient experience. The primary key to remember is that your journey in recovery begins at the Genesis House.

After you successfully finish the Genesis House intense outpatient treatment program, you will become a part of the Genesis House family. Living a life clean and sober will be your goal, and the Genesis House will be there for you along your new and exciting journey.

This is the Genesis House approach to outpatient addiction treatment. You’ll begin by sitting down with a trained staff member to make certain your first choice of program types has your life in mind. You will then become part of the Genesis House family that you’ll walk with as you journey along the road of recovery. Call one of our counselors at 800-737-0933.

Christmas Break from Recovery?

For many people in recovery, this can be a particularly challenging time of year. Also, a time where it could be easy for one to relapse by putting their recovery on “Christmas Break.” But, did our using and drinking ever take a break? Awareness and preventative planning can always help if relapse is close by.

During the holidays we are around certain family members we only see this time of year that may drink or drug too much or they flat out drive us crazy! Maybe in previous years we were able to deal with this better since we were drunk or high ourselves. Certain people and behaviors could be a lot less tolerable now that we are in recovery. But this is nothing to get worked up about, and nothing we cannot get through clean especially with our recovery friends and plenty of clean holiday events. So, plan your holiday the same way you previously planned to get high or drunk for the holiday.

We should know it is okay to not go to certain family events where we will feel unsafe and if we need to, LEAVE EARLY! If it is possible, bringing a recovery friend may also help. Create an escape plan of why you may need to leave early, that way you would not feel that you have to explain yourself in depth or that you are offending anyone. Keep your sponsor and networks phone numbers close and do not be afraid to USE them! Find out where there are Holiday Marathon meetings, speaker jams, dances or a holiday alcathon -where meetings run round the clock and there are plenty of support of others in recovery.

And lastly, it is important to remember that we should all have an attitude of gratitude during the holiday. Let’s not forget why we got clean to begin with, and keep that gratitude. We are clean today with the ability to be at a holiday event we will actually remember!

In the first few holiday’s we may need to avoid or get away from certain aspects of family members or events. However, after step work and because of the experience we gain on this journey, we may develop a large amount of tolerance and empathy for those that once drove us bonkers! That is where we can see the growth in ourselves and benefits of working a recovery program. We are not responsible for how others act, we are responsible for our recovery and how WE react in these situations.

Happy Holidays!

A Review of a 25 Year Old Addiction Treatment Center in Palm Beach County

The Genesis House is one of the premier behavioral health programs that is located in the beautiful Palm Beach County, Florida area. The rehabilitation program opened it’s door in 1992, and has been changing lives ever since. Their staff has one of the lower turnover rates in the industry, and this means that you will be getting the best care possible by an experienced team.

What Services Does Genesis House Offer?

Genesis House offers a wide variety of services, all dedicated to helping recovering addicts get sober and stay sober. They offer residential treatment, detox programs, a Christian track program that incorporates your faith into your recovery, uniformed services counseling, recreational activities, and a program in Spanish for the none English speakers. Genesis House takes most major insurance plans and offers an easy form to verify if you’ll be covered or not. You simply fill it out, send it in, and they’ll do the hard work for you.

What Sets Genesis House Apart?

The Genesis House offers an open door policy, and there is someone available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with and problems or needs that may arise. They are family-owned and operated, so they don’t answer to a large corporation like many treatment centers. The Genesis House features a resort feel with several buildings, a swimming pool and volleyball court, a green space, and five acres of gorgeous grounds to get out and explore. One of the top priorities that Genesis House strives for is to make recovery fun by offering many different group activities. All of these activities are designed to promote healthy and fun recovery process and teach the clients how to make their own fun in a safe, sober setting.

They participate in:

  • Yoga
  • Sober Tennis Clinics
  • Beach Visits
  • Sober Barbecues off Campus
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Outdoor Fitness Park
  • Volleyball Matches
  • Basketball Matches

Genesis House has been revolutionizing the behavioral health and addiction rehabilitation process for over 25 years and has thousands of satisfied clients as a result. If you or someone you care about is thinking about turning their lives around by attending a treatment program, have them start the process by contacting the Genesis House either online or by phone for a free consultation.


Pennsylvania to add Centers for Excellence to Treat Opioid Addiction

One of the issues facing opioid addicts and their families is the lack of follow-up services after an initial round of addiction treatment has been completed. Drug cravings can continue to be an issue for months after a person goes through detoxification (detox). Good quality support services are imperative if a person in recovery is going to be successful at maintaining their sobriety.

Centers Offer Assessment and Referrals to Treatment

Pennsylvania is seeking to address this issue by establishing 45 Centers of Excellence. These Centers, which will be separate operations located inside existing addiction, medical and mental health facilities, will be used to assess an addict’s needs and make appropriate referrals to treatment programs and other services. The Centers can make referrals to the following types of addiction treatment options:

• Detoxification (detox)
• Residential treatment
• Outpatient treatment
• 12-step programs
• Halfway houses

Once someone has been referred to treatment, they are treated by a team of specialists. The team will help the addict access treatment for medical and mental health concerns they are experiencing.

The Center of Excellence staff’s goal is to help the addict stay in treatment long-term, as this strategy has been identified as one of the important factors for long-term sobriety success. These Centers can also help addicts with social services, such as housing and employment, which are essential to being able to rebuild a life that is free from drugs and alcohol.

Addiction Medication Available Through Centers

The Centers will also offer addiction medication to clients. These drugs, including Vivitrol and Suboxone, are used to help curb cravings for opioids. When the medication is made available to clients in recovery, along with addiction counseling and treatment, the odds of being able to remain clean and sober are greatly increased compared to simply trying to “tough it out” without these types of support.

The state has committed $20.4 million in funding to the Centers for Excellence. The federal government will contribute an additional $5.4 million.

The Centers are expected to see about 11,500 people during the first year. Most of them will be Medicaid users; however, the Centers will accept clients with private insurance as well.

Finding Treatment Options

Many people in Pennsylvania seeking help for a substance abuse problem prefer to leave the state to focus on their recovery. This is one of the reasons that they chose facilities like Genesis House in Florida. Genesis House provides a range of individualized treatment services and continues to help people take giant leaps toward their long-term recovery. Contact Genesis House now for more information and help.

Innovative Prescription Drug Disposal System Helps Cut Down Misuse

deterraThe prescription drug problem in America has gotten so bad that every avenue used to reduce it should be explored. A lot of attention has been placed on prescribing habits, preventing over dose fatalities and treatment. There has also been more use of prescription drug monitoring programs and growing participation in drug take-back days.

These events are coordinated through local law enforcement agencies and many pharmacies where collection sites are set up for people to be able to dispose of their unused medications. The reason for this is that it is common for people who abuse drugs like opioids and benzodiazepines to get them from friends and family members. It is also better to get rid of old prescriptions if you have young children in the house to prevent their exposure to them.

One of the problems with the current methods of prescription drug disposal, whether done at home or through collection sites, is finding an effective way of destroying the medications without harming the environment as well. Most at-home methods involve putting the pills in coffee grounds or cat litter, or worse, just flushing them down the toilet. However, the first two don’t fully absorb the drugs and the latter puts them into the water supply.

Recently, a company called Verde Technologies launched a product designed to safely and effectively dispose of prescription drugs. Based in Minneapolis, MN, Verde’s Deterra Drug Deactivation System uses a patented carbon base in a biodegradable pouch that absorbs the chemicals and renders them inactive. The bags come in multiple sizes, capable of disposing a small volume of pills (15), liquid or patches all the way up to larger containers that can dispose of 2,400 pills at a time. This range allows for individual use at home all the way up to law enforcement, hospital and other institutional use.

Aside from disposing of extra pills from old prescriptions, there are many other ways that we can address prescription drug abuse, including becoming more aware of alternative methods to treat symptoms to reduce the number of drugs being used. Of course, for those who become addicted, effective treatment is just a call away at Genesis House.

Fentanyl Increases Heroin Overdose Rates

fentanylAmong the largest number of drug overdose fatalities in history is a subset of opioid users, typically heroin, who unknowingly ingest fentanyl. The drug, which is up to 100 times more powerful than morphine, made headlines again when it was implicated in the death of Prince in Minnesota this year.

Fentanyl is so potent that it is typically prescribed to people with more severe chronic pain in the form of a transdermal patch that slowly releases the drug in small increments. It has been the source of multiple spikes in overdose deaths in recent years ranging from New Jersey to Michigan and Illinois to Massachusetts. Most recently, it has caused numerous deaths in New Jersey again as well as Delaware.

The Pacific Northwest has also had a long history with opiate addiction, and fentanyl has reared its even uglier head there as well. Just north of the border in Vancouver, British Columbia, officials have declared a public health emergency due to the overdoses in the area. According to the B.C. Centre for Disease Control spokesperson Jane Buxton, “We did a study – it was a year ago now – where we asked people what they do – what drugs they’d used in the last three days and asked them to pee in a pot. And then we tested it. And we found 29 percent had fentanyl in their urine. But of those, 70 percent didn’t know they’d taken fentanyl.”

People addicted to opiates wind up taking fentanyl when the heroin they’re using is cut with the drug. It is a way for dealers to dilute the heroin itself at first with other powders and then increase the potency by adding a small amount of the drug. If this at all comes as a shock to you, please remember that they’re intentionally selling highly addictive and deadly drugs to begin with, so it’s not like they’re really concerned about the health or wellbeing of their buyers.

If you have a loved one with a substance abuse problem, contact us to find out more about Genesis House and successful recovery.

Older Americans Becoming More Prone to Substance Abuse

prescription drugs for older adultsWith all of the talk about young people getting hooked on heroin and other opioids in recent months, one of the fastest rising age groups for substance abuse is adults aged 50 and older. In fact, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, illicit drug use has nearly tripled among older Americans in the past dozen years or so.

Substances of particular note include alcohol and prescription drugs. A recent article in the New York Times points out several reasons that these people have become more susceptible to drug dependency. Among prescription drugs, painkillers and anti-anxiety medications were the most common in creating problems.

Along with joint pain and other symptoms associated with getting older, there are additional health-related issues that make it easy for people in this age range to get prescriptions for. What makes it difficult for the doctors is not being able to tell just how much pain or anxiety they are feeling, so they often have to take their patients’ word for it. It doesn’t take long for a dependency to develop, especially for an already-weakened system. In as little as seven to ten days someone can get hooked on their pills and experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop taking them.

When these people do become dependent and start abusing them, their relative age and position in life makes doctors and pharmacists less suspicious of them. This more trusting attitude can lead to prolonged doctor-shopping and prescription drug fraud.

More efforts to curb this type of behavior have come in the form of new prescribing recommendations from the CDC for opioids as well as better use of existing prescription drug monitoring programs.

If you have a loved one dealing with a drug or alcohol problem, contact Genesis House today to see how we can help.

Addiction Treatment Field Facing a Shortage of Professionals

treatment specialistOur nation is in the midst of a very serious problem that the addiction treatment field is facing. In addition to the rising number of people abusing opiates, there is already a shortage in the number of certified or licensed counselors across the country.

As noted in a recent story from NPR, even if there were enough beds available for people in need of a rehabilitation program, there aren’t enough professionals in the field who would provide the services. Some people point fingers at lawmakers and state regulators for requiring higher education standards without providing solutions to the new demands. A representative for the National Council for Behavioral Health suggested in the article that the federal government provide reimbursement to people who are furthering their education to meet these newer standards.

According to research from the Pew Charitable Trusts last year, there is an average of just 32 addiction professionals per 1,000 adults who need some type of alcohol or drug rehabilitation service. The findings also mentioned that similarly-trained and licensed professionals in other health care fields earn more. Providing equal pay in this area of behavioral health would likely help attract more people to choose it as a career option.

With our nation suffering from record numbers of people dying from drug overdose, there has never been a greater need for quality addiction treatment staff than there is right now. Additionally, people want a place that they can trust and an organization that is stable with low turnover. Genesis House has some of the most competent and dedicated treatment and support staff available today, which is what keeps us in the top tier of the field. If you have a loved one in need of help for a substance abuse problem, contact us today to see how we can help.

Eastern States Continue to Struggle with Opiate Abuse

opiatesDrug use trends can often vary, such as by region, age, gender or population. While the trend of opiate addiction has continued to spread throughout much of the country, it has remained a serious problem especially in the Northeast for many years, particularly for heroin. Other Eastern states have had more of a problem with painkillers, but have seen a rise in heroin use as well.

One example is Pennsylvania, where heroin overdoses have reportedly increased over 300% since 2000. Perhaps the most shocking thing about this statistic is that some medical professionals are surprised that the number is that low. Emergency room doctors and law enforcement see the effects of heroin and prescription painkiller abuse daily and consider addicts lucky when they get arrested. Oftentimes the alternative to getting arrested is an overdose.

Many addicts admit that they started out abusing pills and then moved to heroin. “The common pathway to get to heroin if you ask some of these people we see in the emergency department…it’s prescription drug abuse,” explained Dr. Jack Devine, an emergency room physician. This is likely because heroin is easier to obtain and oftentimes cheaper, yet it provides the same high as prescription painkillers.

Of course Pennsylvania is not the only state to see such a spike in overdose deaths among residents, states all around the country are feeling the effects of the opiate epidemic. The Northeastern states seemingly hit the hardest include New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Maryland. Many people from the region who seek treatment for their opiate addictions turn to Florida.

At Genesis House, we often have clients come to our facility from the Northeast and other parts of the country. Our campus-like setting in South Florida is an ideal place to begin recovery from an addiction to opiates or any other substance. If you or someone you love has a drug or alcohol problem, contact us today for more information about how we can help.