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What are some factors that make up the best rehab in Florida?

Florida is the sunshine capital of United States. Besides overall warm weather, it also enjoys beautiful coastlines. As a result, many rehabilitation centers are based in Florida. This is because it has natural factors such as good weather and a great community. All these factors come naturally to make Florida the best for drug abuse rehabilitation.

Despite having many rehab centers, some centers are more outstanding as compared to others. Adequate facilities, good location, experience, and expertise of staff are some of the factors that define the best rehab facilities in Florida.

Although almost all rehabilitation centers essentially operate the same way, some differentiate themselves by using distinct tools and methods of treatment. The best centers in Florida, for instance, use a holistic healing approach. In the holistic approach, the center ensures that they take care of the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of their clients.

Taking care of all these aspects helps to ensure that all the avenues that contribute to the well being of the person are well taken care of. The following are some of the factors that make up for the best rehab in Florida.

Environmental conditions

Florida has a long coastline; any location is typically a few miles drive to the beach. The process of moving from drug dependency to a sober life is not an easy one. A cool beach breeze and a long sandy coastline, however, will help to relax the mind, which means that the patients can focus on their healing journey. Centers that are in prime spots, therefore, are more likely to have a better success rate because the clients are more relaxed.

Great exposure to the sun

While in Florida, you have to apply your sunscreen. This is because Florida receives a higher exposure to the sun as compared to the cooler states. Sufficient exposure to the sun helps in the absorption of vitamin D.

Vitamin D helps in the strengthening of the bones as well as in mood stabilization. People who enroll in a rehab center that gets adequate sunshine are more likely to be happy and nourished, thus increasing their chances of success. The vitamin D that the patients absorb helps to create more serotonin in the body. The serotonin helps to stabilize the patient's mood and increase clarity and open-mindedness both of which are critical during the recovery period.

Dedicated and compassionate staff

Addiction is a disease, which means that most of the people who suffer from it require a lot of support. As a result, rehab staff should be entirely dedicated to helping their clients to make their lives better. A dedicated staff is one of the factors that contribute to the success rate of a drug abuse treatment center.

If a center has a dedicated team that helps and supports the clients, it is much more likely that the clients will absorb the techniques and tools available to them. If the clients absorb and practice the techniques, they are more likely to succeed and enjoy a happy life free of substance abuse.

Good culture and lifestyle to support a life change

Florida can be defined best as a tropical paradise. It has a vibrant tropical culture that is synonymous with welcoming guests. This means that it is a perfect place for patients to turn their life around and reintegrate into a supportive community.

One of the things that a drug user needs after treatment is reintegrating back to the society. As a result, rehab centers that are located near communities can enjoy their support through Florida's culture. Such centers, therefore, have better success rates because the community is supportive and capable of accommodating the visitors. People who enroll in such centers, therefore, are likely to feel like they are a part of the communities.

Florida is the ground zero of recovering communities

Florida is renowned as the recovery center of the world. Over the decades, there has been an upcoming movement of recovery communities. These communities are put up to help former drug users to support each other and have easy access to high-quality inpatient and outpatient's treatment for drug abuse. Treatment centers that are in these communities are the best because they enjoy the support and availability of resources.

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Can You Get Drug Treatment in Florida if You Have Relapsed in the Past?

If you've been through treatment for your drug addiction and managed to stay sober for a short time before relapsing, you might think that you failed at recovery. The truth is that relapse is part of the recovery process. If you're willing to make another effort, you can go back to a drug rehabilitation center in Florida for more treatment. You can return to a rehabilitation center that you went to in the past, or you can find a new one.

Relapse rates are high for both alcoholics and drug addicts. That's why treatment centers emphasize the use of good aftercare once you've completed rehab. You might find that even with ongoing support, your addiction came back and claimed you again. That doesn't mean you have to let your addiction win. Deciding to go back for more help is not an admission of failure. It's a sign that you refuse to give up on your recovery.

Will Florida Drug Rehabilitation Centers Still Treat You If You've Relapsed in the Past?

Any drug rehabilitation will welcome you, no matter how many times you have relapsed. You'll find that you start to feel more hopeful as soon as you tell the counselors that you relapsed but you're not giving up. They are there to help, They understand that relapses are common among drug addicts.

Going back to a drug rehabilitation center is the best way to deal with a relapse.

  • You get away from the drugs and other drug users and go back to a safe space.
  • If you feel ashamed or guilty about your relapse, the addictions counselors at a rehab center can help you. Many of them are also addicts in recovery who have experience dealing with relapses.
  • You'll get more support to help you stay on track.
  • Going back to rehab is an acknowledgment that you need help. It shows that you understand the ups and downs of recovery and are still committed to your own success.
  • You won't be judged or criticized. Addiction treatment centers have seen it all before. You'll be praised for making the choice to keep yourself safe.

Going back to a Florida drug rehab center is a courageous step. You're admitting that you need more help and you're not ashamed to ask for it. You're showing that your life matters to you. Some addicts have to return to treatment several times. They're not failures. They're people who refuse to give up on themselves.

Recovery is a Bumpy Road

Addiction experts are fond of noting that recovery is a journey. You might think that it's more of a bumpy road. You get yourself clean, sober and happy and you live that way for a while. One day, it all changes in a flash and you're back using again. What happened?

You hit a bump in the road. It's a bump that every addict has stumbled over. You may have spent many years abusing drugs. You spent a long time living as a full-fledged addict. It would be nice to think that you could shake all that off in just a few months, and for some people that work, but for many people, it isn't that simple.

Why Are Relapse Rates So High?

Addiction is a powerful force. It involves physical, physiological and emotional dependence. If it were easy to get sober, there would be no drug addicts or alcoholics. Who would willingly choose to live life as an addict?

Drug treatment can get you sober and healthy for the first time in many years. Once you get clean and get out of treatment, you're surrounded by triggers. You start experiencing the stress of daily life and you start to miss the way drugs could take you away from all that. That makes it easy to have a slip that turns into a full-blown relapse.

Correct a Relapse by Getting Back into a Florida Drug Rehabilitation Center

A relapse is not the end of the road. It's just a wrong turn. You can get back on track and give yourself a better chance at recovery. You can go back to a drug rehab center in Florida whenever you need to, whether you were treated for your addiction 10 years ago or 10 days ago. If you're ready to continue your journey, call our counselors at 800-737-0933.