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What is the Marchman Act?

If you’re a parent of a child, relative or friend of a loved one who has a substance abuse problem, it can be painful watching them suffer. You may feel like there is nothing you can do to help, but that is not the case. In Florida, individuals can be temporarily detained, evaluated, and treated for substance abuse under the Marchman Act. It was named after Rev. Hal S. Marchman, an advocate for persons suffering from alcoholism and drug abuse.

The Marchman Act provides for the temporary legal detention, evaluation, and treatment of individuals for drugs or alcohol abuse. The person will be required to complete a court-ordered assessment, and they can be admitted involuntarily to a treatment center and kept for up to five days. The intent is for individuals to receive emergency assistance, which can be followed up with a more permanent long-term treatment plan. After the initial five days, the person can be ordered to receive treatment for up to 60 days if the results of the assessment show that further treatment is needed.

How does the Marchman Act Work?

The petition must be filed in good faith by a person recognized by the court to do so, which includes the spouse, guardian, or any relative of the person. Professionals, such as a director of a licensed service provider or a private practitioner can file the petition. It can also be filed by any three adults who have personal knowledge about the person’s drug or alcohol impairment.

The impaired person meets the criteria if they have lost the power of self-control with regards to substance abuse. The person must also be either a danger to themselves or someone else or incapable of making a rational decision in regards to seeking help for their drugs and/or alcohol treatment.

Although Florida statutes provide that the assessment period can be up to 5 days, if the person is sober and does not meet the criteria of the Marchman Act when they arrive at the assessment center, they may be released after the assessment. However, many individuals will agree to voluntarily stay for treatment once they have met with the counselors.

If you have someone that you are concerned about because of their substance abuse, call our counselors today at 800-737-0933. Help is available 24 hours a day.

Two Reasons Why Lake Worth is a Great Place for Treatment

When choosing a treatment facility for drug and alcohol addiction, your priority focus should be on the quality of the facility. However, there is also nothing wrong with selecting a place with nice weather and an engaging community life. Lake Worth is located along the beautiful Atlantic Coast of Florida.

With warm temperatures and bountiful sunshine, it is a great place weather wise. In addition, it is a safe community where you can feel secure during your treatment stay. There are also some excellent treatment facilities. Here are two reasons why choosing a treatment center in Lake Worth, Florida should appeal to you.

An Environment that Cultivates Safety and Security

As you begin your journey towards a life of recovery, you need to feel safe and secure. Lake Worth is pleasant community. Working with a professional staff of therapists will be an important part of your recovery.

However, it is also critical that you feel a secure sense of belonging with the rest of the treatment community. An important aspect of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is identification.

When you can feel relaxed in your environment, and relaxed around your recovery peers, you are able to make these vital connections. A treatment center in Lake Worth will provide you with such a safe and nurturing environment where you can grow.

A New Life with New Experiences

Establishing a sense of newness in your life can help you during the early stages of recovery. That could be developing an existing appreciation for outside activities, or beginning new experiences.

There are creative techniques to help develop a closer relationship with yourself and your inner feelings. Art, music and nature are three things you can begin to explore as part of your new life of recovery.

Lake Worth offers a bounty of natural beauty, including opportunities to experience the arts. As part of your treatment community experience, you may be able to advance in your recovery to where you will be permitted to indulge yourself in these types of rewarding experiences.

These are two important highlights that Lake Worth as a community will offer you. The treatment center you pick will provide the tools you need for recovery. If you’re looking for a facility that provides a nurturing environment staffed with outstanding therapists who will guide you through a 12-step program, give us a call at 800-737-0933

Our treatment center in sunny Lake Worth has a lot more to offer than simply palm trees and wonderful weather. We’re here to set your feet on solid ground towards a life of beautiful recovery.

Do You Have To Be A Christian To Attend A Christian Rehab Center?

Christian rehab centers are exceptional places to go to get help with drug and alcohol addiction. You may be wondering if you have to be Christian to attend. More information is provided here.

Is A Christian Rehab Right for You?

Religion is a large part of Christian rehabilitation. Unlike conventional rehab, religious leaders will be there to help you if you need them. Discuss teachings with like-minded individuals and attend mass to deepen your faith. One treatment you may want to consider is holistic treatment. This could help family better understand what you go through. Long-term recovery often depends on family involvement.

Become a Better Person

Self-improvement doesn’t only depend on physical, mental and emotional issues. Your faith is just as important. Whether you’re Christian or not you can benefit from being in a religious environment. Find friends who are positive influences and find value in Christ. You may want to improve yourself. Learn more about religion with Bible study and by regular worship with people who genuinely enjoy it.

Using Religion to Recover

Religion can play a significant role in recovery. This may be because people in a religious environment are less likely to pass judgment. An addict tends to feel closer to people who practice faith in a more social situation. It’s similar to having another family who provides the necessary unconditional love to survive extreme circumstances. If your family didn’t do this, Christian rehab may be the perfect opportunity to experience genuine love from a Higher Power.

What Do You Really Want?

Many rehabilitation centers offer great recovery programs. A Christian rehab center has the added bonus of religion. Religious activities can be interesting because of the depth of the topics discussed. Consider what you really want in life. Do you want to learn more about Christ and find a particular purpose? It may be worth your while to give it a try for you’re own well-being. If you don’t enjoy it you have the option of entering a traditional rehab center.

Attending Christian rehab could be the most meaningful time of your life. You’ll likely find real friends and discover yourself through religion. A more meaningful life filled with purpose awaits you if you take a chance for your health and happiness. Anyone with a genuine interest in learning about religion can attend a Christian rehab. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day. Call 800-737-0933

How Can A Family Help Prevent a Relapse?

Addiction takes its toll on the entire family. While you may be excited to hear that your loved one is ready to end their addiction, you may also have valid concerns about whether or not their sobriety will last. After all, it’s upsetting to get your hopes up only to have them come crashing down again. Relapse is a serious concern for anyone who struggles with addiction, and the right treatment program has solutions that help reduce the chances of your loved one returning to their former habits. You can also do your part as a family to help your loved one prevent a relapse by implementing these strategies.

Support Your Loved One’s Decision to Get Help for Their Addiction

Try to use positive language every time that you talk about your loved one’s decision to seek professional treatment, and your family can use the days prior to them entering rehab to show your support. In addition to providing verbal support, try offering your loved one assistance with these common needs.

• Tour the rehab facility together online or in person
• Find a rehab that fits their needs such as a gender-specific program
• Offer to help pet or child care
• Help them prepare and pack their belongings

Often, it’s the small gestures that count the most. By showing your loved one that you are willing to help out with common tasks as they prepare, you let them know that you value their decision to seek treatment.

Understand the Benefits of Family Involvement for Relapse Prevention

Your loved one’s treatment program is designed to address all of the issues that surround their addiction. Over the past several months or years, their addiction has likely affected your family, and they need a strong family support system to stay strong in the face of relapse.

For this reason, you may be invited to attend family therapy sessions at the rehab center. While you may not struggle with addiction yourself, your attendance at these sessions helps your family to learn better ways to heal your relationship. For instance, you can learn how to improve your communication skills as a family so that arguments no longer occur as often.

Reduce Temptation Around the House

Ideally, your loved one should continue with after care services through their treatment program such as counseling that helps them address issues that arise after they return home. Make sure that your loved one has time to attend these appointments, and do your part to reduce temptation around the house. For instance, you can plan drug and alcohol free activities to do with your loved one to keep them busy. Going for a hike or just watching a movie are great ways to bond and reduce cravings.

Families play a vital role in helping their loved ones overcome addiction. To find more ways that you can help, give us a call today at 800-737-0933

Learning the Difference Between Helping and Enabling Substance Abuse

If you, or one of your loved ones, are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, this can be an extremely difficult obstacle to overcome. Often, there are underlying issues that have lead to the substance abuse, which need to be addressed. Once you have identified the underlying issues, you should begin thinking of ways to address these issues and create clearly defined steps to dealing with them. While many emotional and mental issues may be long term, they can still be improved. With time and effort, most issues can be worked through and their overall impact can be lessened. Dedication, productive activities, and positive behaviors will go a long way in helping to ease the issues and will eventually lead to a better mind set.

Differentiating Between Helping and Enabling

When attempting to overcome a substance abuse addiction, it is important to recognize the difference between trying to help someone and enabling them. Often, individuals with substance abuse issues may need financial assistance to fund their addiction. When they are unable to obtain drugs or alcohol they can experience server withdrawal symptoms or mental anguish. Of course, friends and loved ones do not want to see them struggle, so they often give in to their demands. This is a difficult issue to navigate. Withdrawals can be dangerous and life-threatening. Therefore, if their dependency is severe, it may be time for them to seek medical help. Addicts can also be enabled in other ways, such as loved ones ignoring their problem or normalizing it. It is important that you make sure the person knows that you care for them but you don’t approve of the damage they are causing to themselves.

Trying to help someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol can be a daunting task. Sometimes they will insist they don’t have a problem or they will try to conceal their substance abuse. Other times, they can push people away who want to help them because they aren’t ready to change. The most important thing you can do for this person is let them know that you deeply care for them and that you want to be a source of emotional support for them during this difficult period in their lives. You should avoid arguing with them or putting them down because this can cause them to sink into a deeper depression. If you are experiencing difficulty convincing the individual that they are valuable and it’s time to change, you may want to consult a health care professional for advice on how to successfully help the individual overcome their issues. If you or your loved one are ready to get help, counselors are available 24/7 at 800-737-0933

I Really Don’t Think I Can Leave My Kids While I Go Away To Rehab

Addiction does not discriminate. Even the best parents can become afflicted with the disease of addiction. The fact that you are worried about your children shows that you are an effective, loving parent who is willing to take a step in the right direction. However, childcare arrangements may be deterring your from going away to rehab. Though you are already a good parent, you need to be sober and healthy to be the best parent that you can be in the long run. Fortunately, there are many options that allow you to have your children taken care of while you are recovering from your addiction in rehab.
There are several rehabilitation options that can work for you as a parent:

• Partial-hospitalization outpatient programs
Intensive-outpatient programs
• Rehabs that have daytime childcare services
• Rehabs that have a family program

Why Going to Rehab is Best for Your Children

Addiction is a family disease. If you are suffering from addiction, your children will definitely be affected by the disease, especially if you are actively involved in their lives to some extent. Children of addicted parents often grow up with a variety of psychological issues (e.g. cognitive distortions, difficulty maintaining healthy relationships, low self-worth, anxiety, abandonment issues, etc.). Going to rehab will be a gift to yourself because you will be free from your addictive substances and able to be mentally and physically healthy, but it will also be a gift to your children because they will have a wholesome, healthy parent. You may feel guilty that the love for your children is not enough to keep you sober, but addiction is a disease. Loving your children would not cure you from cancer, so loving your children cannot cure you from addiction. You may feel guilty about being absent from your children’s lives during the time that you are in rehab, but those 30 to 90 days are worth the lifetime of happiness.

Genesis House is located in Lake Worth, Florida. They understand that family healing and involvement is essential to holistic addiction treatment. Their family program encourages family members, including children, to take an active role in the recovery of their addicted loved one. Family members of the clients are permitted to visit and keep in touch via phone and email under the supervision of a primary therapist.

If you are interested in Genesis House to begin a new life for yourself and your children, call them today at 800-737-0933

Overcoming Excuses My Son/Daughter Is Giving Me For Not Wanting To Go To Rehab

As a parent, you are naturally inclined to get your child make healthy decisions for themselves. If your child is suffering from addiction, your natural response is to offer them rehab. Unfortunately, addiction is a much more complex disease than cancer and heart disease. One of the reasons is the sufferers are not naturally inclined to seek help upon diagnosis because seeking help is like putting iodine on a fresh wound. Furthermore, the myths about rehab among active addicts delay many addicted individuals from seeking the help that they need.
There are several issues that you can discuss with your child to overcome their excuses for not wanting to go to rehab:

• Addiction rehabs are residential environments that are often located on beautiful grounds, not hospital-like or prison-like environments.
• A day in rehab does not just consist of monotone talk therapy and meetings; they will be able to participate in a variety of fun activities (e.g. art, nature exploration, swimming, going to movie nights, etc.) to heal and learn how to have fun while sober.
• Explain to your child that the friends that he or she uses drugs and alcohol with are not really his or her friends; they are only his or her friends because they share the same illness.
• Give them an ultimatum to raise the bottom. If your child does not accept your offer to go to rehab, he or she is not allowed in your home or life until they accept your offer to go to rehab.

Also make it clear that you will not be giving them any financial help.

A Safe, Nurturing Environment Where Your Child Can Begin Healing

Genesis House is located in Lake Worth, Florida by the ocean. With over 25 years of experience, we offer detox, residential treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, family support, and specialized treatment services. Our approach to treating addiction is holistic and individualized to each unique case. Our superiority in safety and quality care has earned us the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval. Recreational activities (e.g. yoga, beach trips, sports, fitness, and massage therapy) play a major role in our treatment regimen. Cost is not a major concern because we accept most major insurance plans.

Genesis House will debunk all of the myths your child may believe about rehab the second he or she arrives. If you are interested in Genesis House to start your journey to recovery, call us today at 800-737-0933

Are Visitors Allowed To Come See You During Your Stay At a Treatment Center in Florida?

Going to a treatment center in Florida can be scary. You will be in an unfamiliar place with people that you do not know. You may think that having visitors will make your stay in treatment easier. However, most treatment centers will not allow you to have visitors on a regular basis. The only exception is on designated days for immediately family to come for family workshops and therapy sessions.

There are several reasons why most Florida treatment centers do not allow visitors:

• Allow you to find yourself separate from your family and friends.
• Help you avoid relapse triggers.
• Prevent you from becoming preoccupied with the drama of your family and friends.
• Allow your family and friends to heal separately from you.

How Separation Helps Recovery

Addiction is a family disease because it affects the loved ones of the addict just as much- if not more- than the active user. While you may think that healing together is effective for recovery, the contrary is actually more effective for recovery. Loved ones of addicts often end up falling into the trap of co-dependency, which means that they become just as preoccupied with the addict as the addict is preoccupied with using their substance of choice. Co-dependent relationships are often so enmeshed to the point that one person in the relationship cannot function normally without the other. While the active user is in treatment working on their substance abuse problem, their loved ones need to get involved in programs to become educated about the disease of addiction and recover from co-dependency.

Genesis House is an inpatient treatment center that is located in Lake Worth, Florida. We understand that family involvement is a part of taking a holistic approach to addiction treatment. In addition to our programs to treat substance abuse, we have a family program that is devoted to helping the family members of the clients heal from the devastating effects of active addiction and create a new life in recovery. The family members who are participating in the program will be allowed to see their addicted loved ones every Sunday from 10 AM-2PM. In addition, they may be able to keep in contact with their loved one through weekly phone conferences and emails under the supervision of a primary therapist.

If you or your loved one is interested in Genesis House or have general questions about addiction and recovery, call us today at 800-737-0933

Do Any Detox Programs in South Florida Use Alternative Medications Like Buprenorphine?

If you live in southern Florida, and you’re considering entering a drug treatment program for opioid addiction, you’re probably wondering what the detox procedure will be like. You probably already know that opioid withdrawal is painful. It’s only natural to wonder what types of medications are used to ease the opioid withdrawal process. Do any southern Florida rehab facilities use buprenorphine for opioid withdrawal?

The answer is, yes, many of them do. But what is buprenorphine? What benefits does it have?

Buprenorphine is a synthetic opioid. It’s most commonly combined with another medication called naloxone. This combination medication is known by its brand name, Suboxone. Naloxone is actually a drug used to reverse opioid overdoses. It’s widely known as Narcan. It’s included in the Suboxone formulation to discourage intravenous abuse of the buprenorphine. When taken by mouth as directed, the naloxone in Suboxone will have little to no effect. However, if the Suboxone is injected, the naloxone will act to block any euphoric effects from the buprenorphine. Similarly, buprenorphine produces little to no euphoria when taken orally.

How Buprenorphine Works

Buprenorphine eases opioid withdrawal symptoms by occupying certain opioid brain receptors. It has a high receptor affinity. This is a fancy way of saying that buprenorphine will block the euphoric effects of any other opioids which may be taken concurrently. Buprenorphine also has a very long half-life. This means that a single dose can last for a full 24 hours.

Buprenorphine can be used as both a detoxification agent and as a maintenance drug. When given in decreasing doses over a period of time, the drug can greatly ease withdrawal symptoms. Many South Florida rehab facilities use buprenorphine to gradually and comfortably wean their clients off of their opioid drug of choice. It can also be used as a take-home opioid maintenance drug. It must be prescribed by a specially licensed Suboxone physician, but it can be filled at any pharmacy. The patient then takes their daily dose in the privacy of their own home. Although addictive in itself, buprenorphine is certainly better than injecting illicit opioids such as heroin. It allows many former users to live a normal life once again.

If you Need Help with Opiates

Now that you know that buprenorphine therapy is available to you, it’s time to give us a call. A lot of South Florida rehab facilities use buprenorphine as part of their treatment plan for their clients. Let us help you find the right rehab for you. Call us at 800-737-0933 at any time of the day or night. You will find reassurance and guidance. We look forward to your call.

Do Residential Treatment Centers in Florida Offer Better Services Than Outpatient?

The traditional schema of “going to rehab” was going away to an inpatient facility for a period of time. The truth of addiction not being discriminatory is being widely disseminated, compelling all walks of life to seek help. Outpatient addiction treatment is a growing trend throughout the United States. Many high-functioning addicted individuals who have work, educational, and familial obligations are opting for outpatient treatment programs to be able to combat their addiction while being able to fulfill their demanding lifestyle obligations.

Florida has been an addiction recovery hotspot since the 1980’s, when the War on Drugs began and they innovated the world-renowned, proven-effective Florida Model to addiction treatment. Many people turned to Florida because of the benefits of their inpatient treatment centers (e.g. beautiful environment, holistic approach, etc.). Now that outpatient treatment is increasing in popularity, you may be wondering if Florida is jumping on the bandwagon while maintain its reputation.

Why Residential Treatment is Always Best

Residential treatment in Florida is better than outpatient treatment because:

It keeps you away from relapse triggers early in your recovery.

Relapse triggers can be any person, place, or object that is associated with using your addictive substance. Being in residential treatment keeps you away from relapse triggers while you are in your early stages of recovery. You will eventually learn how to cope with relapse triggers, but detoxing and learning the tools to live sober is first priority.

Your full attention is devoted to recovery.

Residential treatment is intended to give you a strong foundation for a life of recovery. The key to living a life of recovery is changing your perspective. When you are being bombarded with recovery tools for most of your waking hours, developing a new perspective will be easier because that is all you will be focusing on. If you are being bombarded with a few hours of recovery and then having to the reality of home, you will lose sight of those tools. You will be moving two steps forward and then two steps back.

You can receive a holistic approach to treatment.

The main benefit of residential treatment is you can receive healing for your body, mind, and spirit. You will be able to go through safe, comfortably withdrawal under the supervision of 24/7 medical staff. You will develop new tools through individual and group therapies. The different experiential therapies will grow your spirit.

It makes it more difficult for you to give up on recovery during rough days.

The road to recovery is full of emotional ups and downs. When you are having a rough day due to an intense therapy session or strong cravings, it is tempting to give up on treatment. If you are in outpatient treatment, you can simply go home, use, and then go back to treatment for your next session or never go to treatment again. If you are in the structured environment of residential treatment, drugs and alcohol will not be at your disposal, decreasing the risk of relapse and/or giving up.

Genesis House is a safe, nurturing environment to heal from addiction in Lake Worth, Florida. Call them today at 800-737-0933