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Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that you and Genesis House made a difference in this guy’s life. Closing in on two years of sobriety now. I know that you have many patients coming in and out of your facility, but you were my counselor back in January and February of 2008. I struggled for years prior to Genesis and since then I have been done . I needed to have this mindset and it has worked one day at a time since. I no longer have the pull towards a drink that I used to have and work a pretty decent, yet not perfect program. I chair meetings and make coffee when needed. I got a great network of guys and have a good time at our meetings. I typically hit four or five meetings a week now. I was an every dayer for quite a while. But I have since tried to keep a good balance and have pulled back a little. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for my time there. It really hit the spot! I spent a lot of time under the Palm Trees where we would open and close our days. I go there a lot in my head. It brings me peace. Have a Great New Year and let the staff know that their work does make a difference to the ones that want the help!

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