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Time To Unpack!

We quickly learn after putting down the drugs and alcohol that we have much more to work on than getting through just the detox. Many people crawl into treatment with “emotional baggage” that we have been carrying around for most of our lives. Besides, we can all be carrying some form of baggage, addict or no addict! Everyone is fighting their own battle with something. We hold on to the past, we worry about the future and forget about the present moment. There is no payoff from repeating destructive patterns or from feeling pain, but fear is a great motivator for many to continue the vicious cycle.
What baggage are you still carrying around? Are there people, places and things that do not serve a purpose anymore? Is there a pattern or habit that is not working anymore? Is there a feeling of resentment that keeps you from reaching your goals? How long are you willing to repeatedly feel pain? What needs to happen for you to be willing to let go? These are some questions to give some to think about as we take a daily inventory of ourselves. 
Certain goals or phases in our lives can’t be reached without losing some of the baggage. With that said, let’s lose the stigma or fear of doing a step four and get rid some of the extra weight. At times,  it is comfortable to do what we always did, but do not let the results be a shock, we will get what we always got! The freedom we feel if we CHOOSE to let go and move on from our past, is worth the short-term discomfort. 
It all comes down to making the decision, what will you choose?
“Sometimes we have to let go of what is killing us, even if it is killing us to let go.” -Unknown
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