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What If I Don’t Need Detox But Still Want To Go To Rehab?

The most common route to recovery is going to detox first, which is then succeeded by going to rehab. However, not everyone needs to go to detox as a prerequisite to going to rehab. Rehabs do not require you to go to a detox facility or go through their detox program before proceeding to rehab if you do not need detox.

There are several reasons why you may not need detox before going to rehab:

• Your addiction has not progressed to the physiological point, which is where you need to use the substance to feel normal; it is only psychological.
• You have already gone through detox in a hospital, jail, or at home.
• You are not addicted to a substance; you are addicted to a compulsive behavior (e.g. gambling, internet, sex, self-harm, shopping, eating, etc.)

The Purpose of Detox Before Rehab

Addiction is both a physiological and psychological disease. Detox mostly addresses the physiological component, and rehab mostly addresses the psychological component. Addiction is a physiological disease because the repeated use of the substance results in the body developing a new homeostasis. Homeostasis is the body’s regular internal state. The addicted body’s homeostasis is having the addictive substance in its system. If it does not receive the addictive substance, it reacts by going into fatal, violent withdrawal. People who are progressed in their addictions cannot quit cold turkey; they need to go through withdrawal under medical supervision. Otherwise, they can die or develop long-term complications (e.g. seizures). Withdrawal also includes psychological symptoms (e.g. depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc.). Psychological support is also available at most detox programs. However, the major psychological work is done at rehab through a variety of therapies.

Genesis House is located in Lake Worth, Florida. We offer a variety of programs, including a detox program. All clients are evaluated by the medical team at the detox center upon arrival. If it’s ruled out that you do not need detox, you will not be forced to go through the detox program. However, if it is determined that you do need detox, the length of time you will spend in detox can range from a few days to two weeks. The length of time it will take for you to detox depends on your age, health, addictive substances, and longevity of your addiction.

If you or your loved is interested in Genesis House or have general questions about addiction, detox, and/or recovery, call us today at 800-737-0933

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