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What Types of Alcoholic Rehab Programs Are There?

It’s a common misconception that there are only a couple of places that you can go for help with a drug or alcohol problem. Many people don’t want to do residential treatment as they have responsibilities that they can’t put off. Thankfully, you have many options for these days when starting your sobriety journey, and it’s easier than you would think in Palm Beach county.

Options for Treatment

The medical community and science back numerous up-to-date treatments to help those who need care. It should be considered that the severity of the problem will dictate the treatment, as someone who stays drunk or high all the time needs more intensive treatment than someone whose problem isn’t as severe. Here are the best options for you to consider.


Outpatient treatment is done around your schedule, so you don’t have to give up your job or take time off. You can start with a licensed therapist or use a facility specializing in these treatments. During these sessions, you will learn how to create coping strategies that will help you stop or reduce your drug or alcohol use.

In these sessions, you can involve your family as their support is imperative for your recovery. These programs have a “lower intensity” than residential, so they’re not suitable for those with severe addictions.

Intensive Outpatient or Partial Hospitalization

When your needs are a bit greater than what can be managed on the traditional outpatient plan, you need intensive services. This can also be done through a partial hospitalization program. These services tend to be still more flexible and allow people to work around their busy schedules.


Residential treatment facilities offer help for those who need to be removed from their surroundings to heal. These facilities have a complete medical team to assist you through the detox process and to start your sobriety journey. There’s intense counseling, group support, and an entire medical team to help. This is reserved for people with a more severe addiction who may or may not need medical intervention.

Intensive Inpatient

These types of rehabilitation are usually in a hospital or dedicated center. The entire goal of your stay is to get intensive treatment and meet with specialists to help you.

These are medically directed programs, and they have medical staff 24/7 to help you manage your withdrawals. They often offer medication-based therapy through a board-certified doctor that can help you manage sobriety. The time of stay during these appointments varies, and it all depends on your needs. However, you can expect to stay anywhere from 4-6 weeks in treatment.

Do-It Yourself Method

Though it’s not advisable, it’s possible to start your journey from the comforts of home. If you have no other options, you can always line up therapists and a support team to help you get clean. However, you should never consider this method if you’ve got a severe issue.

If you have alcohol in your system 24×7 or are taking dangerous drugs like heroin, the withdrawal can be deadly. You need professional intervention to help oversee the detox process. These folks can provide medications when needed to help ease the pangs of withdrawal.

Other Beneficial Supports

While it’s good to have the help of professionals during your journey, many other things can benefit your treatment and keep you on the straight and narrow. Here are a few options.

Support Groups

No one knows how you feel except someone who has walked in your shoes. Surrounding yourself with people on the same journey helps you from feeling singled out. You can gain strength when you realize you’re not alone.


There are AA and NA meetings all over the country. Chances are you will find several very close to home. These meetings have people in all stages of recovery, and they can be a great source of strength. You can share your story, listen to their tales of overcoming, and find inspiration to keep going.

Turning Over a New Leaf

No one can decide to get treatment for you. You must want to change your life and start over again. Whether you select to do things inpatient or outpatient doesn’t matter, it’s just making an effort to get help that counts.

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