Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab Florida

Many people come into our facility feeling defeated. They've lost their self-esteem and their sense of self-worth. Genesis House is a Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab in Florida that understands that addiction is a powerful disease that causes people to self-destruct and engage in high-risk behavior, that absent of drugs or alcohol, they would never consider. The feelings of shame, regret, and guilt can be overwhelming to many, and the temptation to go back to the substances that have provided them with temporary comfort might be strong.

We'd like to encourage you to fight those temptations with everything you've got. When you come to rehab at Genesis House, we treat addiction like it is - life or death! At Genesis House, we hold our clients to a higher standard of behavior because we want to help people who are serious about recovering. We run a relatively small operation here, and we would rather give the limited beds we have to people who are sincere about getting and staying clean.

Dress Code

Despite the dress code and high standards of behavior, you will find that Genesis House provides a kind, loving, and nurturing environment that promotes recovery and weeds out hindrances. "What is the dress code," you may be wondering? The dress code is common sense. Don't wear anything that might offend or stumble another patient; this includes revealing clothing, swastikas, pot leaves, images of alcohol and drugs, etc. Don't worry! You don't have to wear a suit and a tie to be here. We ask that you respect yourself, our staff, and the other patients who are trying to get help here.

Call Us if You Need Help or Have Questions

We understand that taking the first step towards recovery sounds daunting to some, but don't wait until it's too late to seek the help you need. If you need help taking the first step, give us a call, and talk to one of our compassionate addiction specialists who can help you overcome your fears. Genesis House can also answer some of the questions you may have regarding Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab in Florida. However, for particular questions about your insurance plan, you should contact BCBS directly.

Get the Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment at Genesis House

In addition to our high sobriety success rates, we are also known for our world-class professionals who provide extensive, clinically-proven, hands-on therapies that give our clients a sense of well-being and a comprehensive understanding of addiction. The services we provide can be invaluable regarding helping our clients to cope with their problems without relying on drugs or alcohol.

We believe in you, and we hope you believe in yourself. At Genesis House, you will feel welcome and encouraged every day. Being around other people who are on the same journey to recovery as you can make all the difference. Here, we care for one another. Whether it's staff to patient or patient to patient, the Genesis House is a Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab in Florida that thrives on being supportive of each other.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab Florida