Drug Addiction Treatment Center Maryland

Despite sounding counterintuitive, choosing the wrong rehabilitation institution to address your drug problems can sometimes make things a lot worse. Not all rehab centers function by the same standards. While some only offer physical and psychological detox services either through outpatient programs or through partial hospitalization, neither of which offer enough control, others may have poorly trained or unqualified personnel as well. At Genesis House, our goal is to raise the stakes.

Our drug addiction treatment center in Maryland functions based on the highest standards in the industry. The things that separate us from the rest include:

  1. The qualified and experienced staff – Our clinical team consists of licensed clinicians, certified addiction professionals, a psychiatrist, therapists, and physical trainers with years of experience and with a passion for their job. Having qualified people in charge will guarantee the quality of the services and the top care and support in time the patient will need them the most.

  2. The multitude of rehabilitation programs – Our experienced psychiatrist, along with our clinicians, will deal with the physical and psychological detoxification, while the Dual Diagnosis Treatment and the Christian Track Program, will focus on addressing other diseases of both the mind and the soul. We have designed these programs with the purpose of relieving the stress, helping the patient become more confident and positive, and support the open social interactions between all our patients.

  3. Innovative recreational activities – We want to make the rehabilitation process as pleasant and as memorable as possible. For that, our drug addiction treatment center in Maryland has a multitude of recreational options, including healing yoga, guided meditation, lectures and movies, massage sessions for calming, destressing effects, and social activities like barbecue, tennis, billiard, volleyball or swimming. Leaving addiction behind also means being able to savor life’s little things and rediscovering the joy of living.

  4. Intensive care in a luxurious location -  Our trained professionals will be there 24/7, continually supervising your progress and applying modifications to the program if needed. Our residential program relies on permanent care in a beautiful, relaxing environment, devoid of stress, of every day’s worries, or any other type of distractions that may jeopardize the treatment’s efficiency.

  5. Education and integration – We know that drug addiction can be particularly destructive to your social and personal life. We have designed several educational plans to inform you on the risks of substance abuse, how to control your cravings and how to live a better life, as a sober individual. Preparing you for the reintegration in the society is one of our central prerogatives.

Our top drug addiction treatment center in Maryland focuses on quality and efficiency above everything else. These are the exact principles that guide us to improve our services and adapt them to the needs of our patients.

Genesis House is one of the few institutions where we don’t see patients as victims in need of treatment, but people who have lost their way. And with the help of our professionals, you will be able to find yours once again.

Drug Addiction Treatment Center Maryland