Drug Treatment Florida

When looking for drug treatment in Florida, ask yourself, "Why do so many treatment centers have such high recidivism rates? Genesis House knows that the reason we see relapse after relapse and failure after failure from most drug rehabs is that the causes of addiction aren't adequately addressed. These low success rates are recognized on a national scale. Many of our clients have relapsed several times before coming to Genesis House. We try to help our clients break the vicious and self-defeating cycle of relapse.

Have a Proper View of Relapse

Many people in recovery view relapse as an end to recovery, when in actuality, it should be seen as a step in recovery. Data shows that you should not be discouraged if you relapse because most people who do recover tend to relapse a few times before they get it right. At Genesis House, we utilize scientifically-backed treatment techniques to end problem thinking and behavior, to stop destructive thoughts and cravings, and to help our clients improve behavior and decision-making.

Your Recovery Depends on You

Our programs are tailored to the unique needs of each individual who seeks therapy at Genesis House. Since no two people are the same, and since no two people recover the same, we want to provide a system that works for everybody. Ultimately, your recovery depends on how much you're willing to work for it. We give our clients the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to get clean and stay clean.

We work alongside our clients to assist in their recovery, using modern addiction treatment therapies in conjunction with conventional addiction therapy. We believe in the 12 steps, NA/AA, and many of the traditional components of recovery. We also have decades upon decades of research, studies, and technologically sophisticated data analysis that allows us to adapt our treatment model according to what has been proven to work most effectively.
For example, conventional addiction treatment models never used or even knew about the non-reactivity principle.

Applying the Non-Reactivity Principle

The best advice therapists could give their clients was to call their sponsors if they were feeling urges to use. Sadly, the urge to use has usually developed to an overwhelming stage before the thought of a calling a sponsor crosses the client's mind. At this point, nothing is going to stop them from getting high - not the least of which being their own better judgment. Addiction is a disease of the brain that causes the brain to depend on the substance for survival just like food and water.

The non-reactivity principle goes counter to the old treatment model of suppressing your cravings and intrusive thoughts. Modern research shows that doing so can make the cravings stronger because it comes from a part of the brain that is more powerful than willpower or idealism. The non-reactivity principle teaches us to observe and acknowledge these cravings as they come up. Although they will be powerful, they will leave much more quickly than if we obsess over them or try to suppress them. To learn more or for drug treatment in Florida, contact Genesis House today.

Drug Treatment Florida