Help With Addiction New York

According to the law enforcement officials, New York City is the capital of illegal drug abuse. The Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) in New York has declared that 12% of the city’s population struggle with addiction or substance use disorder every year. At Genesis House, we know that the situation is terrible, the solutions are few, and the perspectives not so bright.

If you seek help with an addiction in New York, we may be among the few institutions that could provide it to you. Our staff consists of qualified healthcare personnel, licensed clinicians, certified psychiatrists, masseurs, fitness trainers and many others, and their combined knowledge and experience allow them to diagnose and treat your disorder fast and efficient.

But people don’t come to us to get rid of the manifestations of the disease. Addiction is a severe mental disorder with multiple implications outside the immediate, visible effects. Most people ending up in the rehab program have family problems, have lost their jobs, are financially unstable, and have developed additional mental issues on top of that. So, what will our rehabilitation program do for you?

Building the foundation for a new life

Starting life from scratch is not an easy thing to do, yet this is precisely what many of our patients need to consider, seeing how deeply addiction is affecting them. Fortunately, we have designed our programs with this specific purpose in mind. If a loved one or even you are looking for help with an addiction in New York, our professionals are the right people for the job. They will help you to:

  • Control the manifestations of the disorder – The cravings, combined with the symptoms of the withdrawal can make life unbearable. Our detox programs, along with psychological and emotional therapies, have been proven to control, alleviate, and even eradicate the symptoms associated with drug or alcohol addiction, allowing you to function normally again.

  • Strengthen and rebuild your character – Our treatments will help you to become more determined, self-confident, and positive, which will come with many additional benefits along the way. Our experts will teach you the moral values and the social skills you need to get a job, come at peace with your family and friends and change your life for good.

  • Escape addiction for good – Remaining sober during your first drug-free weeks, but it’s not nearly as difficult as having to live with addiction for the rest of your life. Our therapies, educational programs, and sessions of psychological counseling will help you develop coping mechanisms to control the cravings and avoid ending in the same pitfall again.

If you are seeking help with an addiction in New York, your search is over because we, at Genesis House, are among the leading authorities in the field of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. We use experience, knowledge, passion, and determination to help people get their lives back and fulfill their dreams of becoming free, happy, and healthy again. And this is something worth fighting for.

Help With Addiction New York