Heroin Detox New Jersey

If there’s anything we’ve learned here, at Genesis House, during our extended activity, is that many people use drugs for self-validation. And we know that the detoxification process is insufficient in these situations. Instead, we have adopted a more innovative approach designed to impose damage-control mechanisms and reform the problem from the bottom up.

Our best programs of heroin detox in New Jersey stand as products of decades of medical and psychiatric advancements. Dealing with the effects of prolonged abuse of narcotics requires a multidisciplinary approach which includes detoxification, mental and spiritual therapies, education and teaching coping mechanisms. None of these would be possible without the right people for the job.

Our team of talented and experienced clinicians, psychotherapists, fitness experts, and psychiatrists, fits the description entirely. With the help of research and numerous successes in the field of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, we have managed to create a near-perfect rehab program. We've separated the heroin detoxification program into stages flexible enough to meet every patient’s needs:

  • Cleansing the body – The first stage resides in aggressive medication needed to control withdrawal and alleviate the severe symptoms of advanced addiction. Lasting for several weeks or months, the detox process will be carefully supervised and adjusted, when needed, by our certified clinicians.

  • Addressing the co-occurring disorders – Also known as a Dual Diagnosis Treatment, this stage focuses on the patient’s mental health, outside the effects of the opioid. Many people who end up in our programs of heroin detox in New Jersey show signs of co-occurring disorders. Treating them is imperative for increasing the success of the rehab program and eliminate the factors that may trigger the relapse.

  • Restoring the mental stability – Using certified psychological approaches, our experts will work on stabilizing the patient’s behavior, mental state, and emotional output. We will address aspects of emotional trauma and social and familial problems to build a map of your psychological profile. Once that stage ends, addressing the issues and correcting the tendencies will become a matter of routine.

  • Support the spiritual recovery – Anhedonia (not being able to or lacking the interest in experiencing pleasure) is a common side-effect of prolonged heroin use. Fortunately, the process is reversible but never without proper assistance. We will use many methods to achieve that goal, including guided meditation, physical activities like swimming, playing basketball or tennis, yoga, massage therapies and even faith-based healing, through our Christian Track program.

It's a common misconception that addiction is untreatable and irreversible, yet that’s not factually correct. We can tame drug addiction to the point where it will no longer be an issue in the patient’s life. The brightest minds in fields like advanced medicine, behavioral sciences, and psychotherapy have created our extensive programs of heroin detox in New Jersey, and they are proven to work.

It’s time for a change. If you’re in need of urgent treatment or have someone you care for who is, the experts at Genesis House are ready to take on the challenge. Leave addiction behind and start your life all over again!

Heroin Detox New Jersey