Heroin Rehab Centers Massachusetts

A 2013 study showed that the number of US citizens admitting to using heroin at least once in their lifetime was little over 4.8 million. In addition to that, 680,000 people have declared using heroin during the same year, while almost 290,000 admitted to consuming at least a dose over the past month. In this dramatic social context, Genesis House is one of the top rehab institutions that offers tangible results.

We have used our know-how and experience to build some of the best heroin rehab centers in Massachusetts and develop extensive drug addiction treatments, dealing not only with heroin but with a myriad of other substances. However, we have heroin on the top of the list of priorities, precisely due to its dangerous and volatile nature.

What we know about heroin is that it induces a rapid and intense addictive behavior, it delivers effects similar to morphine, but faster and more intense, and it drastically alters the brain. It is not uncommon for this opioid to trigger addiction after the first use, which makes it highly risky for young adults especially, who are more susceptible to its effects.

How do we treat heroin addiction?

Regardless of the substance triggering it, addiction is never easy to treat and living with it can be a never-ending nightmare. You cannot hope to break the cycle of dependence on your own, without the help of specialists in medicine and psychology, or without constant care and support from our licensed clinicians and certified addiction professionals.

Our heroin rehab centers in Massachusetts use a multilateral approach when dealing with heroin addiction. These include:

  • Controlled detoxification – Medications like Methadone, Buprenorphine, and Naltrexone are crucial in reducing the manifestations of heroin withdrawal, minimize or eliminate the side-effects of regular consumption, control the cravings, and allow the patient more control over his behavior and thought process. The detoxification process might last between several days to two weeks or more in some cases.

  • Psychological assistance – Although all the stages of the rehab process are essential in their way, it is this phase that’s the vital one. Our psychiatrist will elaborate a plan of psychological recovery including behavioral therapies, addressing any emotional trauma, treating the co-occurring disorders, if any, and prescribe individual and group counseling, according to your profile. Family support sessions will also be available, as the presence of the loved ones will provide you with all the moral support you’ll need during recovery.

  • Relapse prevention – Although relapse can be a part of the rehabilitation process, our goal is to minimize its impact and its frequency as much as possible. We’ll achieve that with the help of education, recreational activities like meditation, socializing with the other patients, movie session, swimming and psychological counseling.

At Genesis House, our heroin rehab centers in Massachusetts accept everyone, regardless of age, race, social status, or any other aspect. Fighting heroin addiction on your own is hard. Call for an appointment and let professionals handle the problem in a secure and controlled environment.

Heroin Rehab Centers Massachusetts