Heroin Rehab Florida

Probably the greatest tragedy a human being could go through is losing hope. Hope is what keeps us alive, reminding us that there’s always something better waiting for us, even when the situation looks discouraging. Genesis House is the place where people come when they feel lost, exhausted, and hopeless, looking for a new beginning.

Our programs for heroin rehab in Florida show that there’s always a new beginning available for everyone. Drug addiction is treatable, regardless of the stage, the condition is in. The success of the rehab program depends on two key factors: the patient’s determination to start life anew and the profile of the rehab center.

With years of experience in the field of substance abuse, drug addiction, and alcoholism, we have seen it all and done it all. This has helped us put together accredited procedures and tested rehab strategies and treatments, aiming to address addiction decisively.

Our primary programs include:

  • Dual Diagnosis treatments – Co-occurring disorders are common in heroin users. In case the patient already battles pre-existent mental illnesses, adding a powerful narcotic to the mix will only make things worse. Our clinicians will prescribe aggressive medication plans designed to control the underlying psychiatric disorders, along with the symptoms of the addiction itself. This stage may last between a couple of weeks and several months, depending on the severity of the conditions.

  • Behavioral therapies – Regular heroin consumption will have dramatic effects on the patient’s behavior and mental integrity. Our behavioral therapies, combined with psychological counseling, are meant to reverse these manifestations and treat mental problems like anxiety, depression, paranoia or psychosis.  

  • Spiritual healing – Our programs of heroin rehab in Florida rely on restoring your faith in yourself and your ability to overcome the problem. If you are a religious person, our Christian Track Program might be just what you need. If not, there are many other activities to experience like swimming, playing tennis, volleyball, billiard or basketball, participate in group meetings, massage or yoga sessions or even guided meditation.

  • The Family Program – Research has shown that your drug problem will profoundly affect your loved ones in time. It has also confirmed that the support of your family can prove invaluable for a faster and more effective recovery. Their moral support can guide you through a period you need it the most.

  • Teaching social skills and coping mechanisms – Preventing relapse once you’ve returned to your normal life is vital for ensuring the success of the program. Our psychologists will teach you the best coping skills to have when fighting cravings and temptation. At the same times, you will get valuable advice on how to improve your life, perform better at work, and become a more responsible, independent individual.

If you are looking for centers for heroin rehab in Florida, Genesis House is one of the leading names in the business. Our passion fits the magnitude of our knowledge and our determination to make the world a better place. With us, the recovery process will be more comfortable and faster than ever, and we will make sure to show you why hope must never die.

Heroin Rehab Florida