Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers Florida

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, between 40% and 60% of people's tendency towards drug or alcohol abuse is genetically inherited. Although there's no way of changing people's genetic behavior, here, at Genesis House, don't let that stop us from conducting some of the best rehab programs in the business.

In this sense, our inpatient drug rehab centers in Florida serve this purpose with incredible efficiency. Studies have shown that the inpatient rehab program is the most effective treatment plan, with the fastest and most long-lasting results.

We have put all our efforts into elaborating and perfecting one of the leading inpatient programs in the country. Several aspects separate it from many other similar programs:

  • A breathtaking location – The setting is critical because it will be the patient’s home for several weeks or months. This implies that the environment needs to be comfortable, luxurious, and with plenty of options for recreative activities to uplift the spirit and entertain the mind. And that’s what we have here, in Florida – a state-of-the-art location you can call home.

  • 24/7 supervision, care, and control – Researchers have proven that keeping the patient in a controlled environment will significantly increase the effectiveness of the rehab program. We have eight buildings and many superb living apartments, built next to the administrative offices. The staff will always be near in case of urgent assistance, continually tracking the progress, taking notes, and suggesting changes to the treatment if necessary.

  • Multiple rehab programs available – Our inpatient drug rehab centers in Florida have developed a wide variety of applications we use to address addiction and mental disorders from new perspectives. We have the Christian Track Program for faith-based healing and spiritual support, the Dual Diagnosis Treatment, the Uniformed Service, specialized in treating EMTs, members of the police force, correctional officers and firefighters, and the Family Program, allowing family members to join in for additional moral support.

At the same time, we have put in place numerous recreative and holistic activities whose primary purpose is to disconnect the mind from the drugs’ psychological influence. Here, patients will be able to:

  • Participate in sessions of guided meditation and yoga

  • Engage in physical activities like volleyball, tennis, basketball, swimming or pool, to name a few

  • Take part in lectures, movie sessions, group gatherings, and therapeutic counseling

  • Socialize with other patients during barbecue meetings and so on

  • Enjoy the scenery, relax, and clear the mind of all impurities

  • Use art to express emotions and to help the spirit heal

At our inpatient drug rehab centers in Florida, we do more than simply treating drug and alcohol addiction. Our goal is to help people realize life is beautiful and that it’s worth fighting for every day of our lives. Genesis House is the embodiment of a vacation destination, where people gather from all corners of the nation, even New York, Pennsylvania or Massachusetts, looking for treatment, support, and luxurious housing conditions. Give us a call and let us meet for a complete screening!

Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers Florida