Inpatient Treatment Centers New York

Drug addiction and alcoholism affect everybody indiscriminately. However, some people face a higher risk than others at falling even deeper into the rabbit hole – those who don’t take it seriously, until it’s too late. Trying to treat your substance addiction on your own can open the door to severe complications along the way. Not to mention your chances of success are slim to non-existent. This is why we, at Genesis House, have adopted multiple approaches to a highly complex problem.

There’s no doubt that the best solution to your problems is in our inpatient treatment centers in New York. Here, our team of specialists can assess your condition, build your clinical and personal profile, and plan the recovery process to the minutest details. We are primarily interested in three concepts: contain the physical and psychological effects of addiction, prevent the relapse, and reintegrate the patient safely in the society.

The way we achieve them is by relying on several simple, but vital approaches:

  • Treating the co-occurring disorders – The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) published a study showing that there are four million Americans who suffer from co-occurring disorders (drug or alcohol addiction, combined with one or more mental illnesses). In addition to that, 17.5 million more Americans have confronted a severe psychological disease in the previous year. Treating co-occurring disorders is not only necessary for the overall well-being of the patient, but for preventing the risk of relapse as well.

  • Behavioral and emotional therapies – With substance addiction, it is the patient’s mind that’s first to experience the destructive side-effects. And being unable to maintain a focused mind or a coherent and stable thinking process can have a devastating impact on the patient’s social and private life. At our inpatient treatment centers in New York, we use psychiatric treatments, group and family meetings, faith-based religious support and recreative activities like yoga, guided meditation, swimming, and others, to cleanse the mind and heal the spirit.

  • Preventing the relapse – The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), has shown that the relapse rates are incredibly high when the patient tries to treat addiction alone, without professional assistance. It is a natural part of the self-treatment process, which is why nobody can beat addiction alone. Our psychotherapies, educational activities like lectures and professional counseling have proven to be excellent tools for preventing relapse. We teach people how to become responsible, control their cravings, and leave addiction behind once and for all.

There is no single approach to drug or alcohol addiction and fighting it under the careful supervision and guidance of a team of expert clinicians and psychiatrists is the best way to go. At Genesis House, our inpatient treatment centers in New York represent people’s chance of being reborn again. Don’t postpone the situation anymore! If any of your loved ones needs urgent assistance, the time to act is now. Give us a call, and you’ll be able to discuss the details with a professional.

Inpatient Treatment Centers New York