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Welcome to your recovery from drug addiction.

Begin your recovery at Genesis House, a family-owned and operated 12-step residential treatment program in Lake Worth, FL.

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Welcome to a safe place to begin your recovery.

Genesis House was started by our family to help others in need as they overcome drug addiction. Today, we’re proud to be Palm Beach County’s leading family-owned residential treatment program. Our commitment to family means that we provide every client with a safe place to begin their recovery. Many of our clients make lifelong friendships here, knowing they will always be able to rely on our recovery community.

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Build a solid foundation for your recovery with residential drug and alcohol treatment, including 12-step peer support and therapy.

Every Genesis House client is assigned a primary therapist for the duration of their stay, as well as a personalized treatment plan.

All clients are involved in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings from the very beginning of the program.

Clients enjoy massage therapy, meditation, yoga, sober adventures, as well as a welcoming campus filled with activities.

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CALL NOW: 855-936-4435

Calls are always confidential and free.