Dealing with a loved one struggling with addiction is not only emotionally trying, it is also difficult to understand. Here at Genesis House, we hope to help through the extensive process. We have started a podcast to discuss topics to benefit those battling addiction, as well as their families.

Our podcast, “Friends in Recovery,” is intended to be a helpful resource to assist those fighting addiction and their families. Every Tuesday at 4pm, we post a recovery themed video discussion to support everyone who has been affected by addiction in some way. Genesis House hopes you connect and identify with the hosts and guests on the show. Addiction is not an easy topic to discuss, but with any luck our podcast will make it simpler and more relatable.

Podcasts are a great way to work with your schedule, they can be watched live, later, or even listened to on iTunes. Click the following links to tune in now to the Genesis House podcast


We are always open to feedback and suggestions. Please fill the form below if you have anything you would like to discuss or ask us. You may also call 800-737-0933 anytime.