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Drug Addiction Treatment

The Alarming Risks of Drug Use

While an overdose death is one of the most significant risks of drug use, there are various short- and long-term side effects. According to the Mayo Clinic, drug use can cause an individual to have trouble breathing, experience seizures or convulsions, and even trigger telltale signs of a heart attack (chest pain and pressure). Furthermore, drug users can suffer from extreme physical and psychological reactions to certain classes of drugs. Frequent drug use also leads to long-term effects that can seriously hinder your quality of life. 

The long-term side effects of drug use include:

  • Damage to the body’s organs
  • Deteriorated mental health
  • Bleeding within the brain (particularly with cocaine use)
  • Inflammation of the heart muscle
  • Permanent brain damage

How Do You Know if You’re Addicted to Drugs?

You can’t overcome an addiction until you admit you’re an addict. Acknowledging that you have a drug addiction isn’t easy; it often requires intervention from friends, family, and health professionals. If you experience any signs and symptoms of drug addiction, you should seek professional treatment as soon as possible.

  • Your performance at school and works declines
  • You become distant from family and friends
  • Changes in your sleeping habits and hygiene
  • You engage in risky behavior like unprotected sex
  • You encounter legal trouble triggered by your drug use

Drug Addiction Treatment at Genesis House

Genesis House is home to Lake Worth, FL’s leading drug addiction treatment program. We work with clients recovering from various types of drugs, including cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, opioids, and alcohol. Our mission is to offer our clients the highest possible level of care. We accomplish this by working side-by-side with our clients from the git-go, helping to create a tailored treatment plan for long-term success.

Our drug addiction treatment starts with an ambulatory drug detox program. This program focuses on alleviating the withdrawal symptoms you experience when stopping drugs. Without 24/7 care in a professional detoxification program, the side effects of withdrawal can become overbearing. At Genesis House, we provide around-the-clock support to ensure you’re comfortable and safe during detox. Our medical professionals may administer FDA-approved medications to address common withdrawal symptoms. Once you flush the drugs out of your system, you’ll move on to the next step of drug addiction treatment.

Depending on your lifestyle, addiction background, and personal assessment, you’ll choose one of our various drug addiction treatment programs:

  • Residential treatment
  • Inpatient rehabilitation
  • Outpatient rehabilitation
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Holistic rehabilitation
  • Dual diagnosis


In addition to the treatment options listed above, we also have a program designed exclusively for first responders. Each client enters the treatment with a tailored treatment plan that addresses their short- and long-term needs. Clients attend a wide range of daily therapy sessions and group meetings where they’ll connect with other recovering addicts and develop lifelong skills. No matter your program, you’ll have the tools and resources to build the foundation for long-term success.

Relapse Prevention at Genesis House

We provide you with the skills and resources to avoid relapse after you leave Genesis House. After all, relapse sets you back several steps on your recovery journey, and picking yourself back up may sound like a challenging feat. Nonetheless, relapse doesn’t mean you’re a failure (far from it). Here at Genesis House, we know that relapse happens to the best of us, and that’s why we have an open-door policy. Our open-door policy means you’re welcome to come back if you relapse or feel tempted to use again.

Drug Addictions Treated

We have extensive experience treating a wide range of drug addictions, including:

  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Heroine
  • Synthetic Opioids
  • Benzos
  • Hallucinogens


No matter your background or how long you’ve been using drugs, our licensed staff will help you find the best treatment program to foster long-term sobriety.

Start Your Recovery Journey at Genesis House

Are you suffering from drug addiction? Drug addiction treatment at Genesis House in Lake Worth, Florida, is the best way to regain control of your life. We have an experienced team of drug addiction professionals, industry-leading facilities, and a wide range of therapy options. If you’re ready to make Genesis House your new “home,” please contact us to learn about our treatment programs and verify your insurance.

Most insurances are accepted! If you need guidance, we will work with you to select the financial solution that works best for your individual needs.

A beautiful, safe, and supportive place to heal is literally a click away.

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