New York Drug Addiction Treatment

Florida has long been a destination for many people from the Northeast for vacation and retirement due to its beaches and warm climates, and it is also a popular place to go for recovery from substance abuse.

People from New York often come to Genesis House to receive residential treatment for drug or alcohol addiction for the reasons above and also our high quality of care. With multiple program offerings and a very safe and comfortable location, it’s no wonder why people from New York frequently seek treatment at our facility.

Although there are plenty of rehab centers for people in New York, they may not provide the same feeling of distance or seclusion that is often sought for recovery work. The idea of getting out of the grind of daily life in the city, or away from colder temperatures, is very appealing in order to focus on getting better.

Genesis House is just a short flight away and we have people arriving here each week from New York. Contact us today to find out more about our programs. We can help verify your insurance coverage and help you get started on a path to sobriety today.

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