The Uniformed Services Track at Genesis House

Uniformed ServicesGenesis House believes that a professional in uniform has probably witnessed their share of disasters, life threatening situations and human tragedy.

These events can take their toll on even the most seasoned Police Officers, EMT, Firefighters and Correctional Officers. There may come a time when coping with these stressors becomes too much.

Many times officers resort to alcohol or drug use to deal with these feelings such as, depression, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, family issues and marital problems. All men and women in uniform are at risk for this type of life problem.

Here are some of the warning signs:

  • You feel exhausted and on edge.
  • You are frequently full of anxiety and don’t know why.
  • You are abusing alcohol and/or prescription medication.
  • You are isolating yourself from family and friends.
  • You keep replaying a particular event over in your mind.
  • Your sleep pattern and eating habits have changed.

Treatment, Education, and Support

At Genesis House, these officers will work exclusively with a therapist who understands the issues that police officers and other public safety officers face on the job. Uniformed Services Addiction Treatment is located in our beautiful South Florida facility where several of our therapists are retired police officers. Education, lectures, group and individual counseling are vital to the healing process and part of the daily regimen at Genesis House. These officers will be treated with the support, understanding and expertise of others who have “been there”.

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