Residential Drug Treatment Programs Florida

Although drug addiction is pretty straightforward regarding the symptoms, the immediate and long-term effects, and the collateral social damages, the rehabilitation treatment is not. Years ago, the rehab program was more of a guessing game, trying to figure out the best approach to eradicate the disease and minimize the risk of relapse. At Genesis House, we consider that the rehab process needs to be as inclusive as possible.

We have developed the residential drug treatment programs in Florida, which target addiction from multiple perspectives. But what makes our programs the go-to destinations when it comes to dealing with such a brutal disorder as drug addiction? Several things stand out right away:

  • The luxurious setting – The detox process, along with the behavioral therapies and psychological counseling, will heal the body and the mind. The exoticism and the beauty of our location will heal the spirit. The luxuriant accommodation includes eight high-profile buildings, a superb lawn flanked by beautiful palm trees, and a sunny pool to cool the body and the mind during the day.

  • The recreational activities – The scientific community today acknowledges that inserting recreational activities into the rehab treatment is a significant part of the success of the procedure. We have an impressive set of holistic, mind-cleansing activities to offer, including weekly massage sessions, yoga classes, guided meditation, tennis and volleyball, beach walks and barbecue meetings, swimming, and bonding with other patients or merely relaxing in palm trees’ shade.

  • Personalized care –  We have some of the best specialists in the field of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, mental care, and psychological recovery, coordinating our residential drug treatment programs in Florida. Since our clients, we take in are unique individuals, with different personalities, clinical backgrounds, and physiological needs, our programs have been adjusted accordingly. Whether our clients prefer some activities over the others or are in need of additional treatment and care, we will approach everyone according to their specific profiles.

  • Relapse prevention – This is a vital phase of the residential rehabilitation program because, in the end, the time spent in our institution is limited. At the end of the treatment, the patients will return to the society, and we need to make sure they’ll be able to take care of themselves at that point. Our behavioral therapies, psychological counseling, educational sessions, holistic activities, and group and family meetings are all meant to assist the patient in becoming physically and mentally independent. By teaching our patients how to become responsible individuals, we teach them how to remain drug-free, healthy, and happy once more.

Our residential drug treatment programs in Florida have been designed not only to address the symptoms of drug addiction and to treat the underlying causes but to make your stay a worth-to-remember experience as well. By all definitions, Genesis House is a resort-like location where relaxation, calmness, the luxurious setting, and the top-quality services will allow your body and mind to heal, and your spirit to start enjoying life again.

Residential Drug Treatment Programs Florida