About Us

Genesis House is a premier behavioral health rehabilitation program located in beautiful Palm Beach County, FL. Our resort-like campus consists of several buildings, a swimming pool, green space, a new volleyball court and other amenities on a luscious 5 acres of land. We have been providing the highest quality of addiction treatment since 1992 and are fully licensed by the state of Florida.

Genesis House is led by a dedicated team of administrative and clinical professionals and we stand on our commitment to excellence in recovery services. We have a variety of programs that we offer, and we work with most major insurance carriers. If you have health insurance and would like to find out if your policy benefits cover the treatment provided at our facility, contact us today.

In addition to our treatment services, we help make recovery fun by offering many different group activities. We feel an important aspect of rehabilitation includes learning how to enjoy living in sobriety.

Why Choose Genesis House

In addition to the qualities mentioned above, clients love the fact that we have an open door policy here. Someone is always available on the campus, unlike other places that might have their clinical offices in a completely separate location from their residential area.

People love the fact that we are family-owned and operated instead of connected to some larger corporation that can lose touch with clients. We have many staff that have been here for several years, and such a low turnover is unheard of in the treatment field.

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About The Founder of Genesis House

After spending one year in the Crossroads Program of Eureka California, James Dodge reentered the community of Eureka sober and healthy. James, more often referred to as Tony, gained Employment at the Etowah program assisting mentally challenged teens with their daily tasks. After approximately a year at Etowah, Crossroads called Tony and offered him a position as Counselor II In Training. Tony held this position for one year helping fellow addicts and alcoholics get clean and sober.

In 1982 Tony moved to Florida and worked at noted treatment centers Benmar, NRI and Care. During this period Tony realized that inpatient treatment was critical and essential for the client, but after treatment was completed very few aftercare support facilities existed in the area. The patients often returned home or to other living environments that were dysfunctional and did not promote recovery.

After much thought and investigation Tony took a risk by resigning from his job at NRI and began the process of creating Genesis House. Tony rented a triplex building in Lake Worth situated on 4 acres of secluded land. He implemented a recovery residence where addicts and alcoholics could live after inpatient treatment. The early Genesis model allowed the resident to gain daytime employment after a period of time. All residents had to attend daily AA meetings, In-House Genesis meetings and pay their rent on a weekly basis. All clients had to abide by curfews, get a sponsor and remain clean or sober.

After a brief period of time Genesis became a success with some 30 residents living, staying clean and moving on with their lives. Over the years Genesis slowly changed and transformed into a highly respected full service addiction treatment and dual diagnosis program that has been operating for 24 years in Palm Beach County Florida.