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Our mission is simple: Offer the highest possible level of care to our clients.

When it comes to addiction treatment, we take a multi-faceted approach.

The goal of our addiction treatment  is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all of our clients to heal from addiction. Treating all three phases of the disease with the most current medical, psychological, holistic, and spiritual resources available to our team.

We believe in a brighter tomorrow for our clients.

Having access to the recovery resources, career, and spiritual support needed to holistically take part in a sustainably happy and healthy life is exactly what we envision for you.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Genesis House is based on the theory that addiction to alcohol and other substances is a three-fold disease: spiritual, physical, and emotional. We also believe in the utilization involved in the 12-Step programs of recovery that have proven effective for many hundreds of thousands of people and their families. We therefore believe that the recovery process involves the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of recovery. We believe that healing can be a very difficult and painful process; just like any other challenges or difficulties that we may face in life.

It's not what you believe, it's how you implement those beliefs through action.

It is our values and our integrity that ultimately define us. These things establish our place within our families and our community.

  • Teamwork

    Open communication, cooperation and collaboration. Staff members working together to achieve our vision. Managers create environments that encourage communication and support staff.

  • Excellence

    To perform with operational excellence by partnering with agencies who provide evidence-based care and by designing and implementing an efficient infrastructure.

  • Member Directed Services

    To treat every member with the upmost respect and compassion, and to provide individualized customer driven service in a supportive environment.

  • Innovation

    To display flexibility, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. To continue to lead the way encouraging new ideas and approaches.

  • Empowerment

    To create an environment in which all levels of management and staff take responsibility for promoting a positive work environment with positive attitudes, shared respect and enthusiastic contribution to, and ownership of the Facility’s mission. Remove barriers to the stigma of addiction.

  • Cultural Competence

    To be sensitive to and value the diversity of cultural beliefs, perceptions, ethnicity, sexual preferences, language differences and religious practices of persons-served, their families and facility staff, and to recognize the influence of culture on the effective delivery of recovery support.

  • Performance Improvement

    To continually seek opportunities for improvement and to encourage the development of personal and professional competencies.

  • Safety

    Services are provided in an emotionally and physically safe, compassionate, trusting and caring working environment for all persons served.

While possibly new to you, it's sacred to some.

Genesis House Recovery Center

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