Animal-Assisted Therapy

What Can Animal-Assisted Therapy Help With?


In terms of psychological therapy, studies have shown that people suffering from addiction, anxiety, and depression benefit greatly from having an animal companion to care for.

Farm Animals and Lucky the Horse

Our animal-assisted program doesn’t just involve dogs, it also includes several cuddly and fluffy farm animals! Our animal-assisted program involves a wide array of farm animals such as llamas, donkeys, chickens, baby goats, horses, and rabbits.

Another trailblazer in animal-assisted therapy is Dr. Blaire Barone with Lucky Horse Sanctuary. She rescued Lucky, a 30-year-old horse that was in an abusive living situation. Little did she know that her determination to save Lucky’s life would change her life too.

Since joining the sanctuary, Lucky has provided animal assistance and companionship to Dr. Barone’s patients. Even after Lucky’s passing, Dr. Barone remembers the horse’s recovery with fondness, β€œThe Lucky Horse Sanctuary is a healing and magical place that promotes wellness of the mind, body, and spirit, using rescued animals to guide clients through the journey of recovery, healing, and acceptance.”

Benefits of Animal-assisted Therapy

Dr. Barone visits Genesis House to provide animal therapy to patients. In addition, these animals have an innate ability to improve the relationship between therapists and patients. In fact, several studies have shown that animal-assisted therapy helps patients form better bonds with their therapists and environment. This helps them stick to their treatment plans and see them through.

Including animal therapy in treatment programs aid patients’ well-being. They facilitate the release of endorphins in the body and help create a sense of pleasure. It’s also a good complementary treatment that can minimize one’s dependency on medications and the side effects that come with them.

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