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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

The Dangers of Alcohol Abuse

There’s a fine line between alcohol abuse and having a drink now and then for pleasure. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention puts drinking into excessive and moderate drinking categories. Drinking in moderation means one drink or less per day for women and two drinks per day or less for men. Someone who is an excessive drinker consumes four or more drinks on a single occasion if they’re a woman or five drinks if they’re a man. While both moderate and excessive drinking can lead to health concerns, those with excessive drinking habits may experience the most severe side effects. 

The short-term health risks of excessive alcohol consumption include injuries, domestic violence, miscarriages, and risky sexual behavior. Additionally, a single night of excessive drinking can lead to fatal alcohol poisoning due to high blood alcohol levels. Drinking too much can also lead to belligerent behavior that destroys relationships with family and friends.

Habitual drinking also leads to far-reaching long-term health impacts. According to the CDC, the long-term risks include high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer. Overconsumption of alcohol can even trigger social problems, depression, and anxiety. These side effects may hinder your personal and professional life while increasing your chances of becoming sick.

The first step to overcoming alcohol addiction and its horrible side effects is recognizing your problem.

How Do I Know If I’m Addicted to Alcohol?

Admitting that you’re addicted to alcohol is one of the first steps of recovery. If any of the below statements apply to you, there’s a high likelihood that you have an alcohol use disorder.


  • You can’t control how much alcohol you drink
  • When you don’t have access to alcohol, you experience withdrawal symptoms
  • You prioritize alcohol over family and friends 
  • You overlook risky behavior, such as driving while intoxicated


If any of these signs of alcohol abuse apply to your life, you’ve come to the right place. Genesis House is one of Lake Worth, Florida’s leading abuse treatment centers. Our mission is to offer our clients the highest possible level of care. We take a comprehensive and tailored approach to ensure you receive the best care to put alcohol addiction behind you.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program at Genesis House

Genesis house offers a wide range of alcohol addiction treatment programs for individuals of all backgrounds. Before starting your treatment at Genesis House, you’ll work with a licensed staff member to create a personalized treatment program that best suits your individual needs. This addiction treatment plan focuses on your spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being. 

The alcohol addiction treatment program kicks off in our Lake Worth, FL, detox program. For many individuals, detox is a dreaded step of the recovery process. Upon entering detox, we’ll meet with you individually to conduct an initial assessment of your background. This assessment enables us to create a detox plan that sets you up for success. We know how alcohol withdrawal impacts the body; therefore, we go above and beyond to ensure you’re safe and comfortable. 

After completing the alcohol detox program, clients choose one of our various treatment programs, including residential treatment, outpatient rehabilitation, inpatient rehabilitation, or even our program designed exclusively for first responders. We also offer a dual diagnosis program where you can receive treatment for alcohol addiction and underlying conditions like depression and anxiety. You’ll have access to best-in-class therapy programs scientifically proven to treat addiction during your time at Genesis House. These therapy programs help you develop healthy coping mechanisms and deal with life’s everyday stressors without resorting to alcohol.

Leading Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program in Lake Worth, Florida

Many recovering alcohol addicts relapse at some point during their journeys. We help circumvent the chance of relapse through our full-scale relapse prevention program. Our staff will work with you closely to create a tailored relapse prevention plan in case you get off track. We also have an open-door policy, meaning you’re always welcome back to Genesis House if you relapse or feel on the verge of relapsing.

Relapse Prevention at Genesis House

Genesis House offers one of the area’s best alcohol addiction treatment programs in Lake Worth, Florida. If you or someone you love suffers from alcohol addiction, please contact us today. We’ll verify your insurance and help you find a treatment program that suits your recovery needs.

Most insurances are accepted! If you need guidance, we will work with you to select the financial solution that works best for your individual needs.

A beautiful, safe, and supportive place to heal is literally a click away.

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