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Can You Still Smoke Marijuana If You’re In Recovery From Harder Drugs?

Can I use marijuana if am recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction? Does medical marijuana provide pain relief for alcoholics and drug addicts in recovery or does it threaten their recovery instead? If you’ve been asking yourself such questions, you came to the right place! Ever since the state of California legalized the medical use […]

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What Is The Strongest Opioid Pain Medication And How To Avoid Addiction To It?

The strongest opioid used today in human medicine is fentanyl. Developed in the 1950s by the amazing, late Dr. Paul Janssen, it was first used only in a hospital setting for the induction and maintenance of anesthesia and for the relief of severe post-surgical pain. As time went on, the 1990s saw the advent of […]

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Do People Become Better People After Drug Rehab?

People tend to vilify those who live with addictions. You might have been told that you were weak for being unable to quit using drugs on your own. Your friends and family members may claim that they no longer know who you are or respect you if you’ve lied to them or stolen from them […]

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Is Rehab The Only Way To Get A Drug Addict Clean?

Addiction is the irresistible physiological urge for the use of a habit-forming substance. Drug addiction fits as a disease that affects both the body and the brain. In some cases, drug addiction refers to a substance abuse disorder. An individual suffering from substance abuse disorder feels forced to use it, regardless of the repercussions of […]

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Do You Feel Any Pain If You’re Taking Suboxone?

Do you feel any pain if you’re taking Suboxone? That depends. Suboxone, a combination drug product containing the semi-synthetic narcotic buprenorphine and the opioid overdose rescue drug naloxone, is intended mainly for use in MAT or medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction. Suboxone works by occupying the same brain receptors as other opioids do. These receptors […]

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What Happens After Drug Treatment?

Suffering from an addiction can be agonizing. It can be equally difficult for the person with the substance abuse disorder as it can be for friends and loved ones. Frequently, there seems like no way out. However, there is. Millions have found a pathway to recovery from alcohol and drug problems. Recovery often begins with […]

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How Long Do Alcohol Treatment Centers Make You Stay?

How long do alcohol treatment centers make you stay? First of all, a treatment center cannot legally force you to do anything, and none would try. If you’re not receptive to the program, you’re wasting their time, your time and your money. You can leave at any time. They’re not police, and they cannot physically […]


Does Drug Courts Cooperate With Addiction Treatment Centers?

Do drug courts cooperate with addiction treatment centers? Oh, yes, they absolutely do. Drug courts exist in every state. Few judges want to send you to jail or prison. It costs money and everyone knows that incarceration doesn’t work for drug addiction. Courts would much rather send you for treatment rather than incarcerate someone with […]


How to Stop Drinking Too Much Every Day

Drinking is such a common part of our culture that you might not realize that you drink too much until you’ve started consuming large amounts of alcohol. Stopping for happy hour after work or enjoying wine with your spouse in the evening are often thought of as normal things to do every day. Although one […]

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What Happens In An Alcohol Treatment Center?

Are you ready to make a huge change in your life? Are you wondering what will happen if you stop using alcohol once and for all? Alcohol addiction is a problem that will take over your life for years to come. Excessive alcohol use can lead to physical and mental health problems that will likely […]