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How to Know if I’m Experiencing Alcohol Withdrawal

Even if you only drink occasionally, you’ve probably felt the effects of a hangover. You might have a bad headache, feel tired, slightly dizzy, sick to your stomach, and generally pretty irritable. It’s no fun, and it happens to approximately 75 percent of everyone who drinks alcohol to the point of intoxication. Doctors aren’t quite […]

Recreational Activities for Sobriety

How To Kick Meth, Will I Go Through Withdrawals?

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive stimulant that can easily lead to addiction and dependence. It is often used at an early age, which increases the likelihood of addiction. In recent years, statistics suggest that there has been a significant increase in its use. As a stimulant, it releases dopamine into the brain, causing euphoria and […]


What Is The Hardest Addiction To Break?

In the United States, millions of people are affected by drug addiction. Some drugs are easy to stop using, but other substances, such as heroin, crack cocaine, methadone, and methamphetamine, can be extremely difficult to withdraw from. Although there is some debate regarding which of these four drugs is the most difficult to quit, statistics […]

Suboxone for Addiction Recovery

How do I find the best treatment center near me?

Going through addiction can become difficult if you plan to face it on your own. Due to this, some addicts will seek assistance through treatment centers, so they can receive additional help to overcome their addictions. However, you may wonder how you can find the best treatment centers in your local area. This means you […]

long term rehabs

How To Detox An Alcoholic?

Did you know that severe alcoholics require a medical detox in order to safely stop drinking? Quitting cold turkey can be fatal. Sometimes, alcoholics attempt to wean themselves off of booze. Their powerlessness over alcohol makes this difficult if not impossible. Medical detox ensures the health and safety of the patient while making them as […]

spiritual awakening in recovery

What do I need to expect from inpatient treatment?

When it comes to the best way to treat drug and alcohol addiction, therapies are all over the map. That being said, inpatient treatment is gaining almost universal acceptance as one of several critically important steps in treating all kinds of addiction. For some, inpatient treatment may be the first step in the recovery process, […]


How Many People Are Addicted To Drugs And How Many Get Help With Treatment

There is no end in sight for the growing problem of drug addiction in the U.S. Drug addiction can lead to poor relationships with family members and even death. Drug addiction can have far-reaching effects on a person’s family, friends, and community as well. Abusing any type of drug—such as illegal drugs, prescription drugs, recreational […]

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What Determines Whether a Person Needs Inpatient or Outpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehab has a longstanding reputation for providing the best possible outcomes for recovering addicts. In inpatient treatment, people have the opportunity to focus solely on getting well. They remain on closed campuses all throughout their programs, and outside contact is limited. Inpatient treatment eliminates many of the most common temptations and triggers during the […]

Drug Detoxing

Can A Person Still Live At Home While Going To Drug Rehab?

Every year in America, millions of people seek help for a substance abuse problem. When they do, they go in search of a rehab facility that can give them the kind of care they need. Since the number is millions of people seeking help, that means millions of people with unique circumstances in their lives. […]

How to Stop Enabling Your Grown Child

Why Should We Consider Sending Our Son or Daughter Out of State For Rehab?

If you are reading this information, we will assume you have a child who is struggling with addiction. We certainly understand how disheartening that can be. You spend al, those years raising them only to see them fall victim to the cycle of addiction. As a parent, your instincts will tell you that you need […]