Recreational Activities at Genesis House

Regulation Volleyball court at Genesis House

At Genesis House we understand the value and importance of providing our clients with activities that meet their needs for physical exercise while in residence with us.

During weekend outings Genesis House frequently visits Florida’s beautiful beaches, enjoy volleyball and billiard tournaments, participate in sober tennis clinics and barbecue under the Florida sun.

Massage Therapy at Genesis House

“Massage"Massage techniques have been used for thousands of years to help relieve pain, fatigue and a wide variety of other chronic ailments. If they choose, every client at Genesis House receives weekly massage from our on staff licensed massage therapist Sabrina! Our clients have reported that massage has helped them with depression, quitting smoking, arthritis, high blood pressure and many other health conditions. Of course it also helps relieve stress, muscle tension and headaches. Participation in our massage program is on a voluntary basis and is conducted weekly by our on-staff accredited instructor Sabrina who interacts with our clients in a warm and compassionate manner.


Yoga at Genesis HouseGenesis House has recognized the total mind-body workout that Yoga has to offer can bring our clients physical relaxation and spiritual focus. Yoga has been practiced for over 5000 years and helps our clients achieve serenity through stretching poses and deep breathing with peaceful guided meditation. Karen Vanneck, Genesis House’s yoga instructor, gently guides our clients regardless of their skill level through the principles of practicing Yoga and disciple of meditation.

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