Dual Diagnosis Treatment

“DualDual Diagnosis (sometimes referred to as Co-Occuring Disorders) is a termed used when a person experiences both a substance use disorder and mental illness simultaneously. Either disorder can develop first and millions of Americans experience some form of Dual Diagnosis every year. The term Co-Occurring disorder replaces the terms Dual Disorder and Dual diagnosis when referring to an individual who has a co-existing mental illness and a substance-use disorder. While commonly used to refer to the combination of substance-use and mental disorders, the term also refers to other combinations of disorders (such as mental disorders and intellectual disability).

Clients with co-occurring disorders (COD) typically have one or more disorders relating to the use of alcohol and/or other drugs as well as one or more mental disorders. A client can be described as having co-occurring disorders when at least one disorder of each type can be established independent of the other and is not simply a cluster of symptoms resulting from another disorder.

Highly individualized treatment plans based on diagnosis’ from Genesis House’s expert Psychiatrist and Clinical Team are crucial in effectively treating our patients and the reason for our consistent success in treating Dual Diagnosis conditions.

Genesis House is comprised of an interdisciplinary team that is fully trained in treating Co-Occurring Disorders. In addition to the Certified Addiction Professionals and Licensed Clinicians (LMHC’s, LCSW’s) on staff, Genesis House has a full-time attending Psychiatrist that conducts all psychiatric evaluations, follow-ups, medication management, and diagnoses/treats any Co-Occurring Disorders that parallel Substance Use Disorders. The attending Psychiatrist also conducts weekly group lectures on various clinical considerations in treating Substance Use and Co-Occurring Disorders. As part of a comprehensive treatment plan, the assigned primary therapist integrates a variety of evidence based modalities into treating the diagnosed mood, anxiety, and thought disorders. When considering any treatment program for yourself or loved one, it is imperative to have full-time trained interdisciplinary professionals addressing the Substance Use and Co-Occurring Disorders.

The Residential Treatment Program At Genesis House Accepts Most Of The Major Medical Health Plans For Payment Such As Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna And United Health Care.

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