Residential Treatment

We help our clients to build solid foundations which support their long-term recoveries.


We must prepare your body and mind to first recover — then grow.

Genesis House has offered proven drug and alcohol detox programs to the people of Lake Worth, FL since 1992. These courses aid in clearing a person’s mind and body of addictive substances. It is also extremely important to participate in a medical detox program prior to receiving any other form of professional addiction treatment. After all, attempting to detox alone is highly dangerous. It can be very complicated (if not impossible) for individuals to learn and retain the information and skills necessary to truly maintain long-term recovery on their own. The detoxification process ranges in severity and length of time depending on several factors. Those factors include what types of substances are being abused, the client’s physical and mental health history, as well as the length of time the substance has been used.

Residential treatment gives our clients the best opportunity to sustainably recover from their addiction.

Residential treatment programs are best suited for people with severe addictions who are looking to put an end to substance abuse. At Genesis House, we offer premier residential addiction treatment in Lake Worth, Florida for those who are ready to start anew.

You are an individual. Which means your treatment plan should be individual too.

Dual Diagnosis (sometimes referred to as Co-Occuring Disorders) is a term used when a person experiences both a substance use disorder and mental illness simultaneously. Either disorder can develop first and millions of Americans experience some form of Dual Diagnosis every year. The term Co-Occurring disorder replaces the terms Dual disorder and Dual Diagnosis when referring to an individual who has a co-existing mental illness and a substance-use disorder. While commonly used to refer to the combination of substance-use and mental disorders, the term also refers to other combinations of disorders, such as mental disorders and intellectual disability.

We prepare our clients with the tools they need to maintain long-term recovery.

As part of a comprehensive aftercare plan, the client and his or her primary therapist will complete a written continued care plan which explains plans for continuum of care, outpatient therapy, meetings, sponsorship, home group, employment plans, psychiatric medication management plans (if applicable), and living arrangements.

It all starts at Genesis House.

Genesis House has been providing quality substance abuse treatment programs and premier mental health treatment for almost 30 years in South Florida. There are several different available treatments, therapies, and methods that cater to the needs of each individual seeking recovery from addiction. Our clinical staff at Genesis House is dedicated to excellence and has helped countless people recover from drug addiction and alcoholism. Our South Florida substance abuse treatment programs cultivate healing for each client while equipping them with the necessary tools to maintain long-term sobriety.

Residential or inpatient treatment is ideal for addicts and alcoholics who:

1. Have made one or more attempts to get sober but have been unable to stop using

2. Are physically dependent on drugs and/or alcohol and require medical detox services prior to therapy

3. Need to be removed from their everyday environment in order to focus on their recovery

Each of our clients have unique needs. That’s why we create custom treatment plans with each individual's objectives and goals in mind.

At the beginning of treatment, all clients are assigned a primary therapist based on their unique, individual needs. This primary therapist works with the client on a regular, individual basis throughout the entire course of their treatment plan. As a result, clients have the opportunity to build trusting and productive relationships with their therapists. Individual counseling sessions with our primary therapists are conducted frequently and serve as a vital tool in the recovery process. It is the therapist’s job to identify the issues the client is experiencing and develop treatment plans to effectively address those issues. Under their expert supervision, the therapist and the client work together to establish new goals and objectives that encourage positive change. Each client at our addiction treatment center in Lake Worth, FL is expected to participate in the assignments their primary therapist gives them.

Our inpatient treatment program is rooted in the 12-steps, so all of our clients in the program are introduced to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) right from the start. In the evenings, clients are transported to local AA/NA meetings in the Lake Worth area where they will network with others in recovery and learn more about how to stay sober.

We provide a well-rounded, inclusive approach to the complex disease of addiction and alcoholism.

Our residents frequently enjoy massage therapy, meditation, yoga, and several other engaging recreational activities to help keep their minds and bodies on the up and up!

During the weekends, clients benefit from approved outings that include, but are not limited to, picnics, mini-golfing, movies, or even beach visits. Learning how to enjoy life clean and sober is a critical part of residential treatment programs in Lake Worth, FL. Additionally, clients may choose to engage in the activities offered through our recreational program. Three times a week, clients can participate in yoga and/or meditation classes. Furthermore, there is a small massage room where a licensed massage therapist works on clients who will benefit from this experiential, healing therapy. A basketball court, volleyball court, and swimming pool is also located on the property where clients can play games, swim, and start learning how to have fun while sober and strengthening relationships with their peers.

Our cozy and relaxed atmosphere illuminates the path to new growth.

Our comprehensive treatment program consists of eight buildings that are nestled on beautifully manicured lawns. Shaded with gorgeous palm trees and lush landscaping, our inpatient residential treatment facility is home to a clean, sparkling pool where clients can take time to bask in the Florida sun or go for a swim when not in therapy. The administrative offices are conveniently located at the apartment-style housing center so all clients have easy access to staff if and when they need them.

The atmosphere at Genesis House is cozy and relaxing, so when clients are staying with us, they feel as comfortable as possible. Treatment services are conducted daily in clinical offices located on-site. Our residential treatment program has a daily regimen that consists of group therapy, lectures, process groups, and trauma groups, as well as educational groups and creative groups.

Out of state? No problem.

Our residential treatment in Lake Worth experiences an influx of clients from out of state. Our Lake Worth, FL location is highly desirable for a number of reasons outside of the high-end, quality treatment we provide. It is common to have several individuals participate in our residential program who come from places such as Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and many other parts of the Northeastern United States. If you are from out of state and are interested in learning more about Genesis House, call us today.

No matter where you come from, if you are ready to get sober, we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more information about our addiction treatment options.

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If you need guidance, we will work with you to select the financial solution that works best for your individual needs.

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