The Residential Addiction Treatment Program at Genesis House

The Residential Addiction Treatment Program consists of eight buildings sitting on beautiful manicured lawns with palm trees and lush landscaping surrounding the grounds. A pool is situated near the center of the campus so clients may take time out to lounge or swim in their free time. The administrative offices are conveniently located to the client living apartments for easy access to staff. The Genesis House atmosphere is very nurturing and resort-like. Treatment services are conducted daily in the clinical offices on-site. The Genesis House Residential program has a very relaxed daily regimen of group therapy, lectures, process groups, and trauma groups, as well as educational groups and creative groups.

All clients are assigned a primary therapist based on their individual needs when they enter the Residential Treatment program at Genesis House. The Primary Therapist works with the client on an individual basis throughout the course of their treatment. Individual counseling sessions with their Primary Therapist are common and a vital tool in the recovery process. It is the job of the therapist to identify problems and develop treatment plans once meeting the new client. Under their supervision, new goals and objectives are formulated. The client is expected to complete assignments handed out to them by their therapist. The Residential Treatment program at Genesis House is a 12 step based program and our clients will be introduced to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings right away. In the evenings, the clients are transported to local AA meetings where they will network and learn more about the disease of alcoholism.

On weekends, clients enjoy Genesis House approved outings. Picnics, tennis seminars, movies and beach fun are common. Learning how to enjoy life clean and sober is an important part of treatment at Genesis. The recreational program at the Residential treatment program is fantastic. Exercise classes are offered twice a week, along with meditation. There is a small massage room where a licensed massage therapist works on clients who need that healing energy. Basketball courts are located on the property. The swimming pool is available to clients who want sun and to relax. Once a person has nearly completed treatment, a discharge plan is created with their therapist. Sometimes a person may need more treatment; many need new housing alternatives. Some may want to remain local and enter a halfway house. All these issues are addressed when creating a proper, concise discharge plan.

Seeking Treatment out of State

At Genesis House, we have a lot of clients come to our facility in beautiful South Florida who are from other states. For example, we often have a lot of people come down here from Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and many other parts of the Northeastern United States.

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The Residential Treatment Program At Genesis House Accepts Most Of The Major Medical Health Plans For Payment Such As Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna And United Health Care.

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