Drug Addiction Aftercare Program Florida

Drug Addiction Aftercare Program Florida


Genesis House was founded in 1992 to serve Americans from all backgrounds suffering from drug addiction. Our goal is to make your recovery enjoyable while providing the care necessary to maintain long-term sobriety. We also keep an open-door policy, so you’re always welcome to return no matter where life takes you.

Genesis House offers full-scale drug and alcohol addiction treatment, starting with a professional detoxification center and ending with an aftercare program that doesn’t end (recovery is an ongoing journey).

If you’re using drugs frequently, it’s time to ask yourself, “am I an addict?” If you can relate to any common signs of drug abuse, it’s time to seek treatment and embark on the path to sobriety.


The Common Signs of Drug Abuse


While discontinuing drugs is one of the first steps to recovery, curbing drug use comes with a wide range of dreaded side effects. For instance, individuals withdrawing from heroin may experience extreme nausea, diarrhea, and sweating. In the worst of cases, withdrawal can be fatal. That’s why receiving treatment in a professional detoxification center is so important. At Genesis House, we know what it’s like to stop using substances you’ve relied upon for years. Our qualified medical team provides around-the-clock care while you flush toxins from your body and overcome serious withdrawal symptoms. Clients receive over-the-counter medications to ease discomfort and safely move on to the next part of treatment.

Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction is the “core” piece of a substance abuse treatment program. In drug addiction treatment, you’ll participate in various therapies proven to aid addiction recovery.

Our staff will work with you to ensure you’re fully prepared before beginning drug addiction treatment.

Preparing for Drug Addiction Treatment at Genesis House

How Drug Addiction Treatment Works

Drug addiction treatment follows detox. You have now flushed your body of toxins and overcome the severe withdrawal side effects. There are various drug addiction treatment programs you can choose from, including residential treatment, dual diagnosis, and outpatient rehab. All drug addiction treatment programs at Genesis House offer evidence-based therapy options that improve your overall wellness while giving you the resources to maintain long-term sobriety.

We know there’s a lot to consider when choosing the right drug addiction treatment program, but you needn’t worry; our licensed counselors are here to guide you through every step.

Drug Addiction Aftercare Programs in Florida

Alumni Program

Most aftercare drug rehab programs have an alumni program – much like the alumni programs offered by universities, but exclusively for individuals recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. Alumni programs host fun-filled events where recovering addicts can socialize with each other, build their support system, and learn tricks and tips for continued success.

An Open-Door Policy

We care about your long-term success and know you may be tempted to use drugs again in the future. For that reason, we’re proud to have an open-door policy that allows recovering addicts to return to Genesis House for continued support and treatment. Undoubtedly, our open-door policy inevitability reduces the risk of relapse and contributes to our client’s long-term recovery.

Sober Living

Genesis House: South Florida’s Premier Drug Addiction Program