Inpatient Rehabilitation

What is Inpatient Rehab?


Who Should Attend Inpatient Rehab?

Choosing the right treatment program can be as important as the quality of the program. Despite boasting a great deal of benefits, Inpatient Rehab is not intended for everyone. When it comes to deciding if Inpatient rehab is the right program for an individual, several factors must be considered in combination. The more of these that apply, the better someone is suited for residential treatment.

Firstly, inpatient rehab is a great benefit to those individuals who are lacking a supportive home environment with healthy relationships. This is especially true for individuals who live in environments that increase their risks of substance use and addiction. Such environments make drug access more convenient. As such, individuals that live in these environments need to be relocated in order to focus on their recovery. However, this alone is not enough as sober living programs are made to target this issue.

Secondly, individuals who require detox treatment are very good candidates for inpatient treatment. It is not typically the case for an individual to finish detox and not enter a form of residential treatment. The period of treatment after detox can be a highly sensitive period and as such, treatment experts must capitalize and ensure that individuals are treated before the risk of relapse becomes too great.

Thirdly, individuals who have made attempts in the past to stop using substances and failed at these attempts are excellent candidates for inpatient rehab. For these individuals, the acceptance of the issue and motivation to solve it exists. The challenge becomes overcoming addiction, which is seldom done alone. This is exactly what inpatient rehab is made for.

Fourth, individuals who have tried other treatment programs, especially less intensive or less-structured programs and have not benefited from such programs should highly consider inpatient rehab. It was previously mentioned that inpatient rehab may be more than necessary for some individuals and that outpatient care would be more suitable. The inverse is also possible. Some individuals may require much more care and structure than what outpatient programs are designed to provide.

Benefits of Inpatient Rehab in Florida

The benefits of attending an inpatient rehab program in Florida are both numerous as well as varying in nature.

Personalized Treatment

Guests of an inpatient rehab program can benefit from treatment that is specified for their particular substance addiction, the severity of their addiction, the presence of any co-occurring disorders, their specific causes of addiction as well as their triggers, and lastly coping with their specific environment.

Around-the-clock (24/7) Care and Support

Patients will always have medical support available from nurses in case of minor issues or serious medical emergencies. Additionally, counseling of many kinds, such as personal, relationship, or legal counseling is frequently available.

Community and Relationship Building

Residential treatment allows patients to build communities and mutually-supportive relationships that will be forever beneficial in their recovery. The relationship and community-building practices are facilitated through group meetings, events with guest speakers, alumni events, and more.

Life Skills Training and Education

Finally, patients can greatly benefit from learning life skills that will teach them to cope with addiction triggers, how to apply to jobs, how to write cover letters and resumes, how to prepare and participate in interviews, and how to build and sustain healthy relationships.

Stress-Free Relaxing Environment

One of the greatest benefits of attending inpatient rehab in Florida is the opportunity to take advantage of the Florida climate. The Genesis House in Lake Worth, Florida provides guests with a tranquil and lush environment that is hard to find or replicate elsewhere.

This luscious environment is packed to the brim with luxurious amenities that include a swimming pool, patios, grilling areas, bonfires, hammocks, and more. Additionally, services such as massage therapy, yoga, and personal training are all available.

Services Offered in Inpatient Rehab

Psychiatric Treatments

Firstly, among the many integral services offered within inpatient rehab, psychiatric treatments are among the most important. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) are among the most important and effective treatments provided.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, as the name suggests, places focus on thinking and behavioral patterns. This form of therapy focuses on amending thinking and behavioral patterns to align with more desirable outcomes. Often, people misbehave due to undesirable perceptions of the world and of the events around them which causally lead to undesirable behaviors.

CBT also places a great emphasis on how one’s thoughts and feelings affect each other. CBT is a well-tested form of therapy that has been supported time and again to be a highly effective form of treatment for addiction.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy, which is a specialized form of CBT, is another supported form of treatment for addiction. While essentially being very similar to CBT, DBT places further emphasis on emotional and social factors.

Exercise and Sporting Opportunities

In addition to the wide range of luxurious amenities available, the Genesis House inpatient rehab program also offers various opportunities for patients to exercise, play sports, and relieve stress through these activities.

The center boasts basketball, volleyball, and ping pong playing fields and equipment. Furthermore, patients can take advantage of exercise and weight rooms with the guidance and support of professional personal trainers.

We recognize that you or your loved one may be nervous about the prospect of inpatient rehab. But you can rest assured that with our guidance and expertise, you can make an informed decision about the future. Contact us today to find out if inpatient rehab and residential treatment at the Genesis House is the right step.

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