Alcohol Detox Center Florida

The three most crucial aspects that make alcohol so dangerous in the modern age are: consumption is legal (albeit with a minimum age included), it’s everywhere, and we use it as a social tool. People consume alcohol as means of socializing, which increases its incidence in the society dramatically. And we, at Genesis House, know that reversing the damages done by alcohol isn't easy without professional help.

Our alcohol detox center in Florida represents the embodiment of our efforts, our knowledge, and our commitment. The detoxification process is complicated, and, in many cases, it may last for years or even for the rest of the patient’s life. And seeing how much the alcohol will change the individual’s physiology, developing effective treatments with long-lasting effects became imperative.

It’s a fact that there’s no one perfect way of approaching alcoholism. Using this fact, we have constructed a rehabilitation program based on three basic concepts:

  1. The detoxification of the body – It is the first and most crucial stage of the process which will start the moment our clinicians have completed the diagnosis process. The physical detoxification refers to controlling the manifestations of alcoholism, cut the cravings, control withdrawal, and support the patient’s body during the natural recovery process. The most common medications used include Diazepam, Lorazepam, Chlordiazepoxide (Librium), and other benzodiazepines.

  2. The psychological treatment – In our alcohol detox center in Florida, we use a wide variety of psychological therapies to restore your mental and intellectual functioning. The mechanism of alcohol can disrupt the patient’s nervous system to the point where significant behavioral changes will become visible. Paranoia, aggression, irritability, psychosis, confusion, and delirium tremens are common symptoms of advanced alcohol addiction. We use psychiatric treatments and psychological counseling to not only reduce these manifestations but help the individual better control his behavior and become intellectually functional again as well.

  3. Spiritual healing – When alcoholism goes on for extended periods of time (sometimes many years), the patient’s personality and spirit will change drastically. People who end up in such a situation will no longer be able to enjoy life, as they will develop depression, will lose sight of their values and goals, and will fall victim to despair and anguish. We use a vast array of recreational activities designed to mend the souls of those in need; from meditation to yoga, sports or faith-based healing, everything works for your immediate and long-term benefit.

Alcoholism is an incurable disease that will always risk returning in case the patient fails to realize the danger. But most alcoholics get out of the rehab programs and never drink again from that day onward. It can be done, but only with professional help and guidance. Our team of professionals at the alcohol detox center in Florida combines the latest scientific findings with the passion for saving people, to create some of the leading rehabilitation programs in the country. Call us, and we will show you that life is more than what alcohol has taught you so far.

Alcohol Detox Center Florida