Dr. Emilio Mantero-Atienza, MD, Ph.D, MPH

Dr. Emilio Mantero-Atienza, MD, Ph.D, MPH

Dr. Emilio Mantero-Atienza, commonly referred to as Dr. Mantero, is a distinguished Psychiatry Specialist operating out of Miami, Florida. With an impressive tenure spanning over four decades in the medical domain, he has established himself as a leading figure, especially in addressing Psychotic Disorders and Addiction & Substance Abuse.


Dr. Mantero’s academic journey commenced with his graduation from the University of Sevilla School of Medicine in Sevilla, Spain, back in 1981. His fervor for mental well-being led him to acquire a Ph.D. in Clinical Biochemistry and a Master’s degree in Public Health & Epidemiology from the University of Miami Medical School. For over a decade and a half, he played a pivotal role as a faculty member at the University of Miami School of Medicine/Jackson Memorial Hospital, fostering academic research and molding the future of budding medical enthusiasts. His commendable leadership in Behavioral departments across prominent Miami-based hospitals, including Cedars Hospital and Mercy Hospital, underscores his prowess in General Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine.


Dr. Mantero’s therapeutic methodology is anchored in a harmonious blend of medication and psychotherapy. He staunchly believes that mental ailments, akin to physical ones, necessitate a tailored and compassionate approach. His groundbreaking techniques have cemented his reputation in Psychiatry, especially in the realms of substance abuse, anxiety management, mood disorders, and schizophrenia. Outside his professional commitments, Dr. Mantero is actively involved in community endeavors, champions local health and wellness campaigns, and cherishes moments with his loved ones.


Credentials & Education:


– MD, University of Sevilla School of Medicine, Sevilla, Spain, 1981

– Ph.D., Clinical Biochemistry, University of Miami Medical School

– Master’s in Public Health & Epidemiology, University of Miami Medical School

– Residency, University of Miami – Jackson Memorial, 1994

– Internship, University of Miami – Jackson Memorial, 1994


Areas of Expertise:


– Psychiatry

– Addiction & Substance Misuse

– Psychotic Disorders


Career Milestones:


– A rich legacy of 42 years in Psychiatry

– Pioneering roles in Behavioral sectors throughout Miami

– Profound expertise in Psychotic Disorders and Addiction rehabilitation

– Faculty member at the University of Miami School of Medicine for over 15 years


At Genesis House Addiction Treatment Center, Dr. Mantero stands as a pillar of resilience and hope for individuals navigating intricate mental health predicaments and those seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. His extensive experience and compassionate approach have transformed countless lives, guiding them towards a path of sobriety and mental well-being. He tirelessly champions the cause of diminishing societal prejudices, amplifying mental health awareness, and promoting the importance of comprehensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation.