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How Long Does Outpatient Rehab Go For?

Outpatient treatment programs allow addicts to recover at their own pace from the comfort of their own homes. This is a good option for people who are juggling work and family commitments who don’t have time to enroll in traditional inpatient rehab. Many people who are dealing with addiction don’t realize that they have a […]

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If A Person Refuses To Go To Drug Treatment, What Can We Do?

This is a question that many people ask themselves when trying to help an addicted loved one. It can be very difficult for someone who has never experienced addiction, or the family member of someone who does, to understand how it can feel overwhelming. But there are some things you can do if your loved […]

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What Type Of Rehab Is The Best For A Young Adult Male?

Rehab programs are designed to provide young men between 18-and 25-years of age with the skills they need to become self-sufficient, productive citizens. While 12-step programs often work for older adult males, they rarely work for a younger population. Traditional rehab is more suitable for men with lots of responsibilities, such as those with busy […]

Family Roles in Addiction

Does Counseling Actually Work, Or Is It Just About Getting The Right Detox?

If you’re struggling with addiction, take comfort in knowing that there is hope. Detox is a vital component to getting sober, however, it is fruitless in the long run if you don’t seek out professional counseling as well. Moving past physical addiction through detox is the first step towards achieving sobriety. However, many addicts end […]

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What Kind of Opiates Are The Worst To Get Addicted To?

For all the good they can do, opioid drugs have quickly become a black eye on American society. When used properly, prescription painkillers can give patients great relief from their pain issues. Even the dangerous drug fentanyl has benefits when used properly. Unfortunately, opioids have become a favorite among recreational drug users who want and […]

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Can People in Rehab have Visitors?

When joining a rehab for substance abuse or addiction, uncertainty checks in. Some patients are unaware of their rehab duties, expectations, and results. However, visitation by friends and family members is their greatest concern. The chosen rehab program should have visitor rules that regulate who and when to access the center. Some facilities allow entry […]


Can My Girlfriend And I Go To The Same Rehab At The Same Time?

Making a decision to get clean after struggling with an addiction is one of the first steps in a patient’s recovery journey. However, in some cases, this problem may affect two people who are in a romantic relationship. This brings on the question of whether one can go to the same rehab as their partner […]

Detoxing from Drugs and Alcohol

If Someone Only Relapses Once On Opiates, Do They Need Detox?

Many people wonder if they need to detox from opiates, even if it is only for one relapse. Opiates and specifically heroin, are highly addictive and can lead to several complications like an overdose. However, there are many other drugs you could be addicted to, such as alcohol or marijuana. If you have had a […]


What Are The Signs Of Opioid Addiction, And When Is It Time To Call For Help?

Opioid addiction, unlike traditional drugs flooding our communities, is a hidden evil that renders its users unable to focus productively or act as cohesive members of society. Although a plethora of social issues afflict members of our local communities, opioid reigns kind. Issues like spotty work history, reckless behavior, impulsivity, dangerous financial habits and interacting […]


Is It Better For Me To Go Into An Alcohol Detox Program Near Me?

Choosing to go to an alcohol detox program is the best choice when you are struggling with addiction. Once you decide to go through detox, you’ll have several choices to make before the day comes. For example, how long will you go for? Where will you go? Is it better to go to a detox […]