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Does Suboxone Block the Effects of Weed?

Does Suboxone block the effects of weed? No. In fact, the two substances work in the body in completely different ways. Opioids work in the brain’s limbic system, which is associated with mood and emotion. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD work here, too, but on totally different receptors. Opioids work on the brain’s opioid receptors, […]

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What Is Tramadol?

Any degree of pain can prove debilitating. Therefore, numerous medications have been developed to offer afflicted individuals some relief from such discomfort. One such preparation is known as Tramadol. Tramadol Overview Tramadol, which is also known by brand names, such as Ultram and Con Zip come in regular and extended-release form. Pharmaceutical professionals place the […]

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Is It Possible To Be Addicted to Marijuana?

Marijuana is a drug derived from the leaves, flowers, or stem of the plant Cannabis Sativa. Currently, marijuana is one of the most used drugs, and most people keep questioning if marijuana is addictive. Marijuana can be addictive when used over time. However, when you use it for treatment purposes, you might not get addicted. […]

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Certain addictions can be severe and carry the potential to precipitate extremely serious or even life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. In such instances and to prevent such occurrences, recovering addicts are sometimes given other drugs. One such substance is Narcan. Narcan Overview Quite often, opioid drugs prove most challenging to detox. Ergo, a clinical approach to tapering […]

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In AA or NA, what does it mean to work your program?

“Work the steps” is a common phrase in recovery culture. Referring to the 12 step program, this term encourages recovering addicts to complete the steps in their 12 step program. With a long history of helping those in recovery overcome addiction, the 12 steps are an integral part of getting treatment for alcohol or drug […]


Do Psychiatrists Really Help With Addiction Recovery?

Mental illness is a top risk factor for addiction. Many people struggle to manage their mental disorders, so they use drugs and alcohol to cope. However, when the toxins wear off, mental health problems are still present. In fact, drugs and alcohol may exacerbate a person’s condition. That’s why most treatment centers emphasize dual diagnosis […]

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How Long does 1 mg of Suboxone Block Opiates?

How long does 1 mg of Suboxone block opiates? The opiate and opioid blockade created by Suboxone will typically last about 24 hours, however, this effect isn’t the same for everyone. Some people may experience this blocking action for as long as 60 hours and even longer, especially on higher doses of Suboxone. On the […]

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Why are Percocets so Addictive?

Why are Percocets so addictive? That question doesn’t have a simple answer. The narcotic ingredient in Percocet, oxycodone, was first created by a German chemist trying to develop a non-addictive painkiller in 1916. It was released in that same country a few years later as a commercial preparation called Eukodal. It soon became clear that […]

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Do 12 Step Programs Really Work?

Many people wonder if the 12 step programs for addiction treatment and recovery really work. Can people really recover using a set of steps to help them in their understanding and guide them toward living a clean and sober life? This can be complicated to answer, but when we look at the science behind the […]

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How do Suboxone and Oxycodone Differ?

How do Suboxone and oxycodone differ? Well, both are opioids, but they are still quite different. Suboxone is the brand name for a combination product containing the synthetic opioid buprenorphine and the opioid overdose rescue drug naloxone, a semi-synthetic opioid derived from thebaine. Oxycodone is a semi-synthetic opioid also derived from thebaine, although it can […]