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Does Insurance Cover Recovery Centers in Florida?

One of the most daunting parts of going to rehab is determining how you’ll cover its cost. If you’re interested in receiving addiction treatment in Florida, you may be worried about whether or not your current insurance will help. Under the Affordable Care Act of 2017, both substance use disorder (SUD) and alcohol use disorder […]


Do Florida Drug Rehabs Administer Drug Tests?

Rehabs in Florida drug administer drug tests regularly. These drug tests are known as urine and saliva testing. Before an intake of any treatment, whether inpatient or outpatient, the staff will examine you to determine the level of drugs in your system. Knowing about the level of drugs in your system and other tests will […]

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What Are the Dangers of Complacency?

Complacency, or the state of being absolutely satisfied with yourself, your lifestyle, and your actions can feel like a really good place. In addiction recovery, people are encouraged to practice self-acceptance, build their self-esteem, and constantly honor and recognize their value. However, the uncritical acceptance of your current state can actually be dangerous. This is […]


What should I expect at a Christian rehab?

Rehab remains a valuable resource for people who need to overcome their addictions. For example, if you suffer from an alcohol or drug addiction, you can seek help from a rehab center. However, based on your personal beliefs and feelings, you may want to seek Christian rehab to incorporate your faith into the recovery process. […]

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Why Should I Get Addiction Help?

An addiction to alcohol or drugs can be life-changing. You might find that you can’t go a single day without using the substance and need more of it to go about your day. This is a crippling problem that controls your life and sometimes, your very existence. Once you realize how big a problem you […]

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What is the Importance of Activities During Addiction Recovery?

It is hard to see a way out of addiction when you are in the thick of it. It may seem like you are trapped in a cycle of substance abuse and destructive behavior. However, there is hope! Substance abuse treatment and recovery support services can help you break free from addiction and start rebuilding […]


Are Christian rehabs successful with recovery?

It is widely debated whether Christian rehabs are more successful than secular rehab facilities. While some think the religious aspect of these rehabs makes them more effective, others say there is no difference between the two. Which is correct? In the United States, there are many rehab centers for drug and alcohol addiction, and unfortunately, […]

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Why Choose a Florida alcohol treatment center?

The battle against alcohol has been fierce. It’s knocked you down more times than you can count. It’s getting harder to pick yourself up off the floor anymore. What started as something fun has become something you can’t live without. You have to have alcohol to make it through the day. If you don’t have […]

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What are the Benefits of Inpatient Treatment Programs?

Addiction is lonely. You wake up with a war raging inside you. You can’t stop thinking about where you will find the source of your addiction of the day. The next challenge is making it from moment to moment. There’s a part of you that wants to stop. You long for a happier time when […]


Do Florida Drug Rehabs Administer Drug Tests?

Drug tests are a common part of the admission process at Florida Drug Rehabs. The addiction treatment center will administer a drug test to understand the level of addiction and the starting point for your recovery. Drug tests are often DNA, Urine, or Saliva. These types of drug tests are typically unbiased and give accurate […]