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What Are The Signs Of Opioid Addiction, And When Is It Time To Call For Help?

Opioid addiction, unlike traditional drugs flooding our communities, is a hidden evil that renders its users unable to focus productively or act as cohesive members of society. Although a plethora of social issues afflict members of our local communities, opioid reigns kind. Issues like spotty work history, reckless behavior, impulsivity, dangerous financial habits and interacting […]


Is It Better For Me To Go Into An Alcohol Detox Program Near Me?

Choosing to go to an alcohol detox program is the best choice when you are struggling with addiction. Once you decide to go through detox, you’ll have several choices to make before the day comes. For example, how long will you go for? Where will you go? Is it better to go to a detox […]

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How Does Drug Rehab Actually Work? Do I Have To Take Time Off Of Work?

Making the decision to check into a drug rehab facility is one that will bring positive results. With drug and alcohol addiction being a rampant problem throughout the country, there are plenty of facilities that will help you if you need treatment. Of course, you’re here because you are wondering how drug rehab actually works. […]

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How Expensive Is Rehab If You Have Health Insurance?

When someone wants to get out of the cycle of addiction, the path to sobriety usually goes through the front door of a reputable rehab facility. Unfortunately, there are some barriers that prevent some people from seeking help with their drug or alcohol addiction. We don’t want there to be barriers, but some things in […]


What Happens If My Detox Center Doesn’t Give Me Enough For My Withdrawals?

If you are looking for a detox center, you want to make sure that they will be able to provide enough meds or other forms of treatment so that your withdrawal symptoms don’t get too bad. Opiate withdrawals can be very uncomfortable, and if the center can’t give you adequate medication, it could cause someone […]

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Can I Do Everything at a Drug Rehab Program except for the Counseling?

Sometimes the most intimidating part of going to addiction treatment isn’t the prospect of abstinence. People who’ve been using drugs to self-medicate their depression, anxiety, or past traumas are often reticent to share details about their pain in individual or group therapy sessions. However, addiction treatment is far more than simply detoxing from your substance […]


How Does Someone Take Off Work To Go To Rehab For 90 Days?

The amount of time an addiction sufferer should expect to spend in treatment will usually be proportionate to the depth of their addiction. It will be up to the rehab facility’s administrative staff to determine the best course of treatment. That would also include them prescribing a certain amount of time for treatment. Obviously, a […]

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Who Takes Care Of My Kids When I Go To Treatment?

If you plan on seeking treatment by going to rehab, you are probably worried about who will take care of your kids when you go. Recovering from addiction is defiantly one of the best decisions you could have made, although some consequences may accompany it. It would be difficult for your child to go for […]

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Can I Just Go To Detox Over The Weekend And Go Right Back To Work?

If you are dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you’ll want to consider the different types of help that are available near you. Whether you wish to look into long-term treatment that includes a few months in a sober living home or you’d rather go to treatment for a short period, understand that […]

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Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy The Best Form of Treatment?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the best form of treatment for alcohol and substance addiction because it allows the recovering individuals to address the cause of the addiction and change their behavior. CBT is a popular type of mental health counseling, commonly used in addiction treatment centers. In this approach, a trained therapist often meets with clients […]