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Support Groups for Alcohol and Drug Abuse

For individuals who abuse alcohol and drugs, they feel as though they’re walking through life alone. When they’re craving their substance and can’t seem to catch a break, the weight of the world hangs on their shoulders, and as a result, they worsen their habit with self-destructive behavior. If this scenario hits too close to […]

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How Does Someone Quit Meth?

Methamphetamine (meth) is a white crystal substance that people take via injection, snorting, or smoking. People use meth because it causes temporary feelings of happiness and pleasure, which can lead to severe addiction. The high from meth can last up to eight hours and give users a burst of energy and a heightened sense of […]

Percocet Withdrawal

Heroin Withdrawal: Can It Kill Me?

Those who have never been addicted to drugs or alcohol probably can’t grasp the level of control that the substance has on the addict. However, drug or alcohol addiction isn’t just a “get over it” proposition. It’s deadly serious. Can heroin addicts die from withdrawal? Absolutely. The withdrawal can kill you just as surely as […]

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How Helpful is Suboxone for Bearing Heroin Withdrawal?

How helpful is Suboxone for bearing heroin withdrawal? As with any drug, individual response varies but overall, Suboxone is quite effective for easing both withdrawal symptoms of heroin and other opioids and also for curbing drug cravings. It’s these cravings that can persist for months after the clinical withdrawal symptoms have ceased, causing relapse and […]

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Dangers of Cold Turkey Detox

If you’re suffering from an addiction, it’s not always easy to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And it’s not always clear what the best route to sobriety is. But for many people, a fear of social stigma or other negative consequences prevents them from reaching out for help. Instead, they make […]


Do you struggle with sobriety?

Getting sober is hard, but staying that way can be infinitely more difficult. A lot of people are able to muscle their way through detoxing without a ton of help. Some even manage to do it entirely on their own. However, once drugs and alcohol have fully left their systems, several surprising challenges invariably set […]


Alcohol Detox: What Is It Like and How Does It Work?

Withdrawal from alcohol presents a unique problem: It’s potentially life-threatening. This is in contrast to withdrawal from opioids, cocaine and amphetamines, which is certainly miserable but rarely fatal. You must understand: Alcohol withdrawal can kill and must be managed by a medical professional. This doesn’t necessarily mean that alcohol detox is always an inpatient process. […]


How to Support Your Family Member During Withdrawal

When your family member is going through withdrawal and discontinuing their use of drugs or alcohol, they need a strong support system to make the process easier. As their loved one, it’s crucial you know how to help them to ensure they have a better mental outlook and feel like they can overcome it. Here […]


How Long Do Most Alcohol Rehab Programs Last?

The decision to check yourself into an alcohol rehab program will be one you will be proud of for the rest of your life. But it isn’t always easy to choose the right program for your needs. There are quite a number of things you will want to keep in mind if you need an […]

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What are the pros and cons of going to drug rehab?

Knowing that you need help recovering from drugs is the very first step you have to take to get clean. The next step will be finding the right treatment center to fit your specific and individual needs. Every type of drug facility center will have both advantages and disadvantages. When you’re ready to go to […]