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Do Florida Drug Rehabs Administer Drug Tests?

Drug tests are a common part of the admission process at Florida Drug Rehabs. The addiction treatment center will administer a drug test to understand the level of addiction and the starting point for your recovery. Drug tests are often DNA, Urine, or Saliva. These types of drug tests are typically unbiased and give accurate […]

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What are solutions for recovery?

You’ve been caught up in your addiction for too long. Your sober days are long gone. You can’t remember what your life was like before addiction became a dark shadow. You’ve been walking around with a heavy weight that is pressing down on your shoulders. It’s going to crush you if something doesn’t change. You […]


Are there free rehab programs?

Fighting addiction is like facing off with an opponent who is much larger and stronger than you while you are blindfolded. You can’t see past your addiction. You’ve tried to beat it without any success. You might make it a day or two only to be brought back into the boxing ring. You’ve been knocked […]


What You Need to Know About Enrolling in a Partial Hospitalization Program

If you or a loved one are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, enrolling in a partial hospitalization program (PHP) may be the right step for you. Patients enrolled in this type of program receive intensive, consistent care at a substance abuse facility. Seeking professional help is essential. Treatment options like PHP can assist patients […]


Why Does Drug Withdrawal Require You to Detox?

Anyone who has been there themselves knows that part of overcoming drugs or alcohol addiction requires going through detox. But what that detox journey looks and feels like can vary depending on several factors. Nonetheless, detox is, indeed, part of the getting-sober experience. Just so everyone is on the same page, detox is the body’s […]


What do you need to take with you to an addiction treatment center?

Rehabilitation centers have strict policies about what their guests can bring while going through treatment. After choosing your treatment center, they will likely provide you with a recommended packing list. They will also give you a list of prohibited items. After you arrive at rehab, you will start the admission process. During this process, your […]

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Why Does Rehab Keep Failing for Some People?

Some people seem to get addicted to drugs and alcohol chronically. They repeatedly relapse, stay in rehab facilities, and even go through rehab programs multiple times. What is the underlying cause for this? Is there a reason that successful rehabilitation efforts are not effective in every case? The following blog post will attempt to answer […]

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Who Needs Drug Detox Programs and How Can You Get This Help?

Addiction can be absolutely crippling and can change your life. However, if you recently came to realize that you have a serious substance use disorder, it’s a positive first step toward getting the help you desperately need. Regardless of whether you abuse alcohol or drugs or why you started abusing the substance, if your addiction […]

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What Can the Family Do to Support a Loved One with Addiction?

No one wants to see a family member struggle in any aspect of life. However, you may learn about an addiction one of your family members faces, so you should offer your support whenever possible. After all, addiction stands out as a terrible situation since people struggle to control their lives when addiction becomes their […]

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What Happens During A 90 Day Rehab?

A 90-day rehab is a program that people go through to stop drug and alcohol abuse. The process is usually overseen by a team of doctors, psychologists, addiction specialists, and counselors. A patient is admitted to the program and typically undergoes a detoxification phase. After this, the patient is introduced to counseling or therapy, which […]