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Opiate Detox

Why Does Rehab Keep Failing for Some People?

Some people seem to get addicted to drugs and alcohol chronically. They repeatedly relapse, stay in rehab facilities, and even go through rehab programs multiple times. What is the underlying cause for this? Is there a reason that successful rehabilitation efforts are not effective in every case? The following blog post will attempt to answer […]

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Who Needs Drug Detox Programs and How Can You Get This Help?

Addiction can be absolutely crippling and can change your life. However, if you recently came to realize that you have a serious substance use disorder, it’s a positive first step toward getting the help you desperately need. Regardless of whether you abuse alcohol or drugs or why you started abusing the substance, if your addiction […]

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What Can the Family Do to Support a Loved One with Addiction?

No one wants to see a family member struggle in any aspect of life. However, you may learn about an addiction one of your family members faces, so you should offer your support whenever possible. After all, addiction stands out as a terrible situation since people struggle to control their lives when addiction becomes their […]

Family Roles in Addiction

What Happens During A 90 Day Rehab?

A 90-day rehab is a program that people go through to stop drug and alcohol abuse. The process is usually overseen by a team of doctors, psychologists, addiction specialists, and counselors. A patient is admitted to the program and typically undergoes a detoxification phase. After this, the patient is introduced to counseling or therapy, which […]


Do Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers Drug Test?

Do inpatient drug rehab centers drug test? Yes, they do. They do this for your protection and theirs. All rehabs have an admissions procedure involving drug testing and also an inspection of your property and even your person. Rehabs are most concerned with safety and security. They need to be sure you’re not bringing in […]

Detoxing from Drugs and Alcohol

Where Can I Get Intervention Help?

Planning an intervention is often the next logical step to take after you develop concerns that a friend or family member is refusing to face the fact that drugs or alcohol are taking over their life. At this point, you might have already tried milder intervention strategies such as talking to your loved one privately […]


Can I Get Fired for Going to Rehab?

Starting your journey towards sobriety usually starts with going to a rehabilitation center. The process is not easy, and it can take some time. You can plan to stay a month or longer if you go to a residential treatment facility. Though, there are outpatient services that cater to those who have a family or […]


Are Rehab Facilities Near Me Effective

Rehab facilities are the best place for people who have suffered from drug and alcohol addiction to recuperate back to a normal life. The goal of these specific facilities is to help patients overcome their addiction and improve the quality of their lives. There are millions of rehab facilities worldwide, and each one is different […]


What Types of Alcoholic Rehab Programs Are There?

It’s a common misconception that there are only a couple of places that you can go for help with a drug or alcohol problem. Many people don’t want to do residential treatment as they have responsibilities that they can’t put off. Thankfully, you have many options for these days when starting your sobriety journey, and […]


Can You Relapse in a Drug Rehab Center?

As difficult as it might be to hear, not everyone gets through rehab and successfully overcomes drug or alcohol addiction the first time around. Sadly, many people relapse midway in their journey toward getting their life back on track. And there are countless studies to substantiate this grim and unfortunate reality, one of which comes […]