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If I Pay For Drug Treatment With Insurance, Is Everything Still Confidential?

The cost of alcohol and drug rehab will seem daunting, but it is worth the investment. To guarantee you are getting your money’s worth for your addiction treatment, be sure to research all options available. Avoid missing any benefits just because there may appear too great an expense at first glance. If you’re unsure about […]

Drug Detoxing

What Are the Benefits of Going to Sober Living?

Taking a step to recover from drug abuse can be challenging. Also, letting go of this luxurious and responsibility-free life can be daunting. Even so, you must realize life can be better without the use of drugs. It would help if you decided to live in an environment that will help you recover. Doing this […]


Cocaine Is My Problem, Not Drinking. So Why Is My Therapist Telling Me I Should Stop Everything?

Individuals undergoing substance abuse treatment deserve praise. Said subjects have finally admitted that they possess a serious sickness necessitating aggressive and professional assistance. That said, the physical and mental withdrawals associated with ceasing an addictive habit could prove challenging. In many cases, those conquering such dependencies turn to other vices as a coping mechanism. For […]

Detoxing from Drugs and Alcohol

What Is Anonymity In AA?

Millions of people suffer from various substance abuse disorders. Struggling with an addiction can seem like a lonely place. It doesn’t have to be. A promising number have recovered from a seemingly hopeless condition through various ways. For many suffering from alcoholism, and other types of addictions, they have found a new way to live […]


Why Can’t I Just Go To Detox And Then Get Back To My Normal Life?

Although it might seem easy to detox and then get back to your normal life, this is not the case. Yes, there are many ways to find relief from the intense emotional and physical pain of addiction through detox, but one thing is for sure—it will not happen overnight. If you’re struggling with addiction or […]

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Why Would Anyone Go To Rehab For Marijuana?

Marijuana is also known as weed, pot, mary jane, ganja, grass, and other popular street names. It is a drug from the Cannabis sativa plant where mostly the leaves and flowers are smoked. In some cases, the stems and seeds of the plant are also smoked. It has a mind-altering substance known as THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), […]

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Do I Have To Answer All The Questions They Ask Me During An Assessment For Drug Rehab?

When it comes to addiction, it often seems as though there are more questions than answers. In fact, you’ll likely encounter quite a few questions in the beginning of the process of checking into a drug rehab program. Or, you may be facing the need to take a drug and alcohol addiction assessment due to […]

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Can I Still Go To Treatment If I’m On Probation?

There is no question about the connection between substance abuse and having a criminal record: Sadly, a majority of people who are interacting with the criminal justice system have some sort of mental illness or substance abuse struggle. As such, there is a constant question when it comes to criminal justice involvement: Can you still […]

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Are Opiates Still Helpful in Chronic Pain?

Opiate usage for chronic pain has been a topic of debate recently. Opiates help manage the discomfort associated with chronic pain but come with many risks, including addiction and abuse. Learn about how opiates help control chronic pain, what they do to your body, and their side effects on this blog post! Opiates Are Effective […]

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Why Florida Is Still The Best Option For Drug Rehab

As a drug rehab destination, Florida still holds the top spot. There is a large focus on health and fitness in the state, which is great for people who want to be sober and start over. Florida also offers plenty of rehab centers at different price points for those looking to start over, especially those […]