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Are Opiates Still Helpful in Chronic Pain?

Opiate usage for chronic pain has been a topic of debate recently. Opiates help manage the discomfort associated with chronic pain but come with many risks, including addiction and abuse. Learn about how opiates help control chronic pain, what they do to your body, and their side effects on this blog post! Opiates Are Effective […]

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Why Florida Is Still The Best Option For Drug Rehab

As a drug rehab destination, Florida still holds the top spot. There is a large focus on health and fitness in the state, which is great for people who want to be sober and start over. Florida also offers plenty of rehab centers at different price points for those looking to start over, especially those […]

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How Much Will It Cost For Me To Send Someone To Detox?

How much will it cost for me to send someone to detox? This is a question we hear very often. We know that addiction rehab costs a lot of money, and because this is not something everyone can afford, people are always looking for options where they don’t have to spend too much to get […]

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Can I Go To Detox For Multiple Substances At The Same Time?

Some people only use one drug of choice, while others develop an intense array of different addictions. Using multiple substances is fairly common, especially if you’ve been trying to stop taking one drug and end up using another. Or, you may have developed your addiction after living a party lifestyle where people were constantly pressuring […]

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Can A Drug Addict Truly Love Someone

Many people who love a drug addict ask, “Can a drug addict truly love someone?” Unfortunately, the answer is no. A drug addict can’t love you. If you have questions about how to repair a broken relationship with an addict, you’re in the right place. But in this case, the relationship you must first repair […]

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Why Do Alcoholics Relapse?

You must have felt better after gathering the courage to acknowledge that alcoholism was becoming a deeper problem in your life and found help to eliminate the addiction. Unfortunately, a feeling of hopelessness crops up when, along the way, you deviate from the path to recovery. An alcohol recovery program is an immediate instinct after […]


How Does Family Therapy Work During Substance Abuse Treatment

While in the throes of a substance abuse problem, the addiction sufferer might end up hurting the people they love. Many families have been left in shambles because one family member had a problem with drugs or alcohol. The best anyone can hope for is what damage is done can be undone. Before family problems […]

Family Roles in Addiction

Can A Person Die From Using Too Much Cocaine?

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug. Cocaine abuse is one of the leading health problems around the globe. A significant question arises from using cocaine: can a person die from using too much cocaine? The answer is yes. Intoxication and overdose of cocaine can lead to death. You will likely die when you use too […]

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Is There A Safer Alternative To Suboxone Detox?

Is there a safer alternative to Suboxone detox? Other than a detox with no opioid medication at all, the answer is probably no. Suboxone is very safe when prescribed by medical professionals. It will ease your way through withdrawal and allow your brain to adjust to the absence of your opioid of choice. It’s one […]

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Can You Still Smoke Marijuana If You’re In Recovery From Harder Drugs?

Can I use marijuana if am recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction? Does medical marijuana provide pain relief for alcoholics and drug addicts in recovery or does it threaten their recovery instead? If you’ve been asking yourself such questions, you came to the right place! Ever since the state of California legalized the medical use […]