Millicent Huser, CAP

National Director of Compliance and QA

Millicent Huser is an accomplished and devoted professional in the mental health industry, boasting an impressive career spanning two decades. With a strong emphasis on performance improvement, Millicent has consistently exhibited exceptional leadership skills.

Millicent’s primary passion lies in helping individuals achieve a fully expressed life, and she has made substantial contributions to the field through her involvement with various organizations. As a leader of the Art of Recovery team, she has been instrumental in introducing innovative and creative approaches to mental health recovery. Millicent has also played an essential role in the Drug and Alcohol Reduction Team, working tirelessly to combat substance abuse within the community.

Millicent’s expertise and unwavering dedication have left a profound impact on the mental health industry. She continuously seeks new methods to empower individuals and foster resilient communities. Her commitment to enhancing the quality of mental health services combined with her ability to inspire and lead teams have established her as a trusted and influential figure in the field.

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