Christian Rehab Programs Florida

The emergence and the development of the substance rehabilitation programs haven’t been smooth processes and still aren't. Addiction is a complex mental disorder that we cannot address from a unilateral standpoint. That means that a good rehab institution can’t be a one-trick pony; constant improvement and innovation are required, as well as adopting different approaches, depending on the individual’s profile. At Genesis House, we have taken this philosophy and put it to use.

Our Christian rehab programs in Florida are the embodiment of the in-depth knowledge of the human mind and spirit. In most of the cases, it is the patient's soul that’s more affected by addiction and not his body. The body will heal faster, whereas the spirit can become disabled for years; sometimes for the rest of the individual’s life.

For this reason, we have adopted some of the most effective behavioral and emotional therapies as part of the recovery process, in addition to detoxification and psychiatric treatments. But these methods deal with the clinical aspects of the patient’s mind. Healing the spirit, however, requires a different approach and it comes in the form of the Christian Track Program.

It is optional, designed primarily for those who seek comfort in the Christian philosophy, but its benefits are visible. The specifics of our most effective Christian rehab programs in Florida include:

  • The immersion in the Christian philosophical values – Whether individually or in small groups, the patients will become acquainted with the moral and spiritual values portrayed by Jesus Christ in the New Testament. These will teach compassion, love, and respect for the fellow humans, and the importance of spiritual and emotional bonding with others. It is an excellent way of building the foundation of rapid and effective healing using social acceptance and support.

  • Bible studies – These courses represent the perfect opportunity to bring people together and form a mini-community, where members will find common ground regarding moral values and aspirations. The healing process is that much smoother when people find ways of communicating with others through sharing life values, emotions, and dreams of building a better future.

  • Teaching faith-based psychological strength – There is no clinical standard explaining how to help patients develop their spiritual composure and acquire a more balanced set of values. There is no medication for that. Fortunately, our Christian Track Program does just that. Approaching the patient’s spiritual healing from a religious perspective is sometimes the best way of supporting the patient’s mental strength and determination. And all patients need these assets if they are to overcome addiction and avoid the fallout of the relapse on top of that.

Our Christian rehab programs in Florida are the perfect addition to the spiritual department. And here, at Genesis House, we know how important faith can be to people and how much it can influence their resoluteness, self-confidence, and optimism. There’s no need to despair – together; we can find a solution to even the most difficult problems.

Christian Rehab Programs Florida